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Sneak Peek of Scissortail Payroll Processing powered by UKG, formerly Kronos

March 26, 2019

Today we're going to review how to process payroll in Scissortail HCM.  I am logged in as the payroll administrator. Let's scroll down and in the payroll widget. Here I can see all my upcoming payrolls that were created when I set up the system by telling about my pay frequency and pay period start and end. I'm going to select the next payroll and then go to the payroll prep process. The Payroll Prep Process shows all the steps in my payroll process.

My first step is to make sure I have all my new hires and employee changes completed. Notice these are hyperlinks that take us to those places we need to complete our steps. As I complete a step, I check it complete.

Next, I'm going to create timesheets for salary employees marked to auto pay.

Next, I would go into could go to edit my time or to import time from import a file for payroll it would add to my existing time sheets are already there for my employees my entry screen to be customized is sorted and grouped any way I need. For example, I have two views for Hourly with overtime and Salary without overtime.

Once I'm done I can go to Add/Edit PayStatements to do a one-time override to a deduction, add a 2nd check for a bonus. I can look at the details of an employee's check, edit the check, or I can preview a copy of the check.

Once I'm done with my pay statements I'm ready to Sign Off on any alerts. My alert today is a reminder I set up to add $500 bonus to Paul Peterson check. Notice I have hyperlinks to take me to his employee record, to view his pay statement, edit his statement, and once complete I can mark the step complete. The system can alert me if there are issues it finds during payroll, or as we saw with the $500 bonus for Paul, I can create alert to remind me of changes needed for payroll.

My next item is where I can review my totals and drill into the details of a particular code to see what makes up the total. For example, I can click on Medical to see who all has the medical deduction. I can click on the employee record and jump right to them to make an edit if needed and my Back button will take me right back to where I was in the process.

Next, I go down to the View Payroll at any point in the process and run any reports I need to review and double check the payroll. Some of my favorite reports are the Payroll Register by PST, Payroll Recap Funding - which gives me a comparison with the last payroll, and the Payroll/Master Data Change Log Report - which shows me the changes since the last payroll. On the Payroll Register, I can hyperlink right to their employee information.

After I have checked over, make sure everything looks good I can Close My Payroll which deletes any $0 pay statements.

Next, I Finalize my Payroll which locks the payroll at a company level and prepares the pay statements and reports for delivery.

Last, I Deliver my payroll which will print any checks or direct deposits and if configured, will send me an email with reports I requested to be delivered in payroll. Here's an example of an email with different reports after payroll was Delivered. You will notice it has PDF's, Excel files, and text files.

I would finish off my payroll by creating my EFT file to send to the bank and finish off any remaining steps in my normal payroll process.

It's that easy to process payroll in Scissortail HCM.

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