Imagine how effectively you could manage your business if you had all the tools to provide a great employee experience, improve HR and Payroll effectiveness, and make better decisions every single day. Choose on-premises or on-line.


Attracting the right talent is expensive, and retaining them isn’t always easy.  Sage HRMS has the right tools to manage recruiting, onboarding, HR and benefit administration, time and attendance, payroll, and training throughout the entire employee lifecycle – from hire to retire.


The typical HR department spends around 50% of their time updating employee information and answering questions.  Sage HRMS gives you the tools to empower employees to research and maintain their own personal information, while you focus on administrative tasks that ensure quality HCM service delivery. Invest your time where you are needed to support the most important asset of your company – your people.


Sage HRMS automation frees up valuable time that you can spend on more strategic initiatives. Reach your goals to improve the overall work environment for your employees, uncover ways to save on workforce-related costs, and improve existing talent through training and development programs. You can do more for less.

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What is Sage HRMS?

What it looks like?

Sage HRMS is an industry-leading, customizable solution that enables you to decisively meet and respond to HR management challenges. With integrated payroll, benefits, recruiting, employee self-service, time and attendance, training management, workflow and analytics capabilities, Sage HRMS helps you maximize every dollar you invest in employees. Centralizing current as well as historic information about active and inactive employees gives you unmatched views of your workforce enabling you to securely share the data with executives and managers.  In addition to promoting more informed decision making, Sage HRMS reduces the time spent on clerical work. With information shared throughout the system, Sage HRMS eliminates redundant data entry, allowing you to focus on more strategic tasks such as improving services and developing programs that help you hire and keep the best of the best in your industry.

How much does it cost?

For a 100 employee implementation, prices begin at $8,000.

How long will it take?

Base payroll migrations require a minimum of only 90 days to get the module up and running!

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The Sage HRMS difference:

  • On-Premises, Purchased Model – Most firms retain software for an average of 7 years.  Make a one-time payment and the software is yours to run on your existing network.  Offsite employees can have ready access with several choices of remote connection tools.
  • Hosted deployment.  In addition to the traditional on-premises installation, Sage has partnered with vendors who offer solutions that eliminate the need for additional internal IT support for Sage HRMS.
  • Industry leading report writer.  Although there are over 150 standard reports included with Sage HRMS, Crystal Reports is also included for more extensive, customized reporting needs.
  • Modular. Sage HRMS can be purchased with only the components you need.  If payroll and benefit administration are your hot buttons, start there and add as you need.
  • Centralized current and historic information about active and inactive employees.  Sage HRMS gives you unmatched views of your workforce, enabling you to securely share the data with executives and managers to help company leadership make decisions based on fact rather than gut instinct.

What Sage HRMS can Do?


Sage HRMS Cyber Recruiter is the ideal solution to helps recruiters and hiring managers collaborate and communicate during the entire recruiting process to fill open positions more quickly and efficiently.  Cyber Recruiter offers seamless integration with online applications,  generating up-to-date postings for your career page and online job boards. Use its powerful search functionality to find the right applicants and efficiently schedule them into your hiring process with automated email notifications sent to both management and applicants.  Highly configurable, paperless, and process-oriented, Sage HRMS Cyber Recruiter streamlines procedures to attract and retain talented workers without duplication of data entry.


Sage HRMS proactively drives the on-boarding process, making  tasks easy by offering new hires a list of required forms for completion -  this all before they report to work on the first day! Using Sage HRMS Employee Self Service (ESS) and tools available through Sage HRMS HR Actions®, you can provide a new employee with access to the system in order to collect required payroll data, optional educational data, and even provide on-boarding training prior to start date. Help your employees to hit the ground running on day one with HRMS on-boarding tools.


Managing training requirements for your organization can be an administrative challenge, often involving dozens of spreadsheets, reams of paper, and a separate filing cabinet! Cyber Train will help you track new hire training or ongoing education requirements, current enrollments, certification tracks, and multi-course programs easily. The robust, self-service portal allows access to information and functionality by the employee, supervisor, instructor or training manager. Eliminate those calls from employees or supervisors wondering what courses need to be taken when!


Collect, analyze, and take immediate control of your employees’ attendance and labor data—online and in real-time. Sage Time and Attendance is an intuitive, 100% web-based software solution that integrates seamlessly with Sage HRMS. Inspire your workforce with employee and manager self-service features, eliminating the burden of manual processes, saving time and money, and minimizing your compliance risk. Sage Time and Attendance also offers flexibility in time collection processes through your choice of web entry, time clocks or any web-enabled device.


One of the most important things for any employee is getting paid. Therefore, it's critical that your payroll team complete payroll processing accurately and on-time every pay day. The flexibility of Sage HRMS makes it easy to produce payroll your way. Sage HRMS provides a range of options to fit your needs, making managing your payroll easy and convenient. Whether you choose to process payroll in-house with Sage HRMS Payroll or outsource payroll processing with BenefitMall, Sage has the solution to handle payroll your way.


People are critical assets that need to be cultivated, mentored and supported to improve a company’s chance of success. Investing in Sage HRMS with its Performance Appraisal procedures not only simplifies employee appraisal and job change procedures, but increases your investment in your employees. By keeping workers engaged in the process, giving them faster notification of the results, and promoting communication at all levels, a company can decrease its turnover rate while increasing employee satisfaction.


Automate your company’s business processes and promote workplace satisfaction by giving employees ownership of their personal information with Sage Employee Self Service (ESS). With workflow capabilities and customizable features, Sage ESS provides a central location for employees, managers, and administrators to view and manage important personal data and company information. Instead of calling the HR department with routine inquiries, employees and managers will feel more self-sufficient when they can access information such as time off, current benefits, and current job details—any time, any place, over the Internet or company intranet, 24/7.


Sage HRMS Reporting capabilities includes queries, reports, tax filings, exports and dashboards to provide information that best meets your needs.  From organizational charts to compliance reports, the reporting tool set is extensive. Hundreds of standard reports are included with Sage HRMS.  Additionally, the Crystal Reports tool enables you to develop HCM custom reports for full analytical capabilities throughout your organization.


Every organization has critical information and transactions that need monitoring - a prospect that requires follow-up; a contract that is about to expire; a pricing error. Sage Alerts and Workflow monitors the health of your business data, both within Sage and beyond. It provides much-needed exception management alerts, allowing you to respond to conditions that fall outside of your organization’s standard workflow process. Imagine never having to say again, “If only we had known.”

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