Our Vision

Our Team
our Mission
Service Pillars


Always provide extraordinary knowledge enabling our Clients’ greatest success.


The values which are the support structure from which we operate.

Relationship – All of our actions are based on Honesty and Integrity as we exhibit the Respect we have for all of our partners -

  • for Employers, who provide structure and risk the capital,
  • for Alliance Partners, who provide tools and support,
  • for Employees, who provide expertise and perspective, and
  • for Clients, whose complete Satisfaction makes it possible for us to recognize and complete our mission.

Innovation – Our best work is accomplished through Collaboration andproviding clients what they require to succeed.  Our solutions achieve more value than expected through simpler means than imagined.

Balance – Our Professionals accomplish their objectives by considering all aspects of the issues involved.  We recognize the importance of perspective and avoid extremes to always produce the best solution.


Courageous Goal - CS3 to become the generic trademark for knowledge transfer.

Descriptive Future:

CS3 Employees recognize us as:

  • a "Top 100 Best Places to Work" in the nation.
  • a destination job.

CS3's Marketspace recognizes us as:

  • having 100% of our customers providing references.
  • representing the top talent in our industry.

CS3 Industry recognition results in:

  • growth to the extent we have clients in every state and many nations
  • our position as a top five service provider in each of our chosen vertical niches.