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CS3 Technology has a variety of offerings and services designed specifically for your business needs. Whether you are looking for guidance in software selection, assistance with implementation, customizations to your current solution, strategic planning sessions, outsourced CFO services to complement your organizational structure, or education designed to enhance your overall business application experience, we have what you need. With the CS3 Protection Pricing and Confidence Contract, your success is guaranteed.

Business Services


Each company has a vision of success in mind.  Success follows solid business processes.  Your unique CS3 Business Process Review will start with a thorough review of critical operations in your organization obtained by interviewing key personnel to learn about your business and how it currently operates.  Years of experience in a wide range of industries enable us to develop a vision for business process improvement leveraging the best uses of technology.  Our combined efforts will yield a step-by-step plan that will guide you through the application of “best business practices.”


The most successful companies are those that have a well-defined vision and explicit strategies.  During your 2 to 4 hour session with CS3 leadership, we will review your corporate goals and the impact of systems in achieving those goals.  After our strategy formation process, written recommendations are submitted for review with your senior management team.

CS3 Blueprint

Your CS3 Blueprint will provide detailed scoping for your large projects. This detailed analysis will accurately determine your needs and eliminate the risk of investing time and money on the wrong solution.


Your goal is to maximize efficiency and productivity and therefore your overall profit. Our goal is to make sure you get there.  During this assessment and audit, our consulting team will review your existing software, system setup, security, hardware, and data integrity.  CS3 will then provide a “report card” of your software health and recommendations for improvements.


When you need to connect the dots between employee satisfaction/retention and operations, look to HR Connect.  As an outsourced solution, HR Connect will assist you with strategically integrating effective HR processes, programs and practices into your daily operations, leveraging your existing HR and Payroll staff.  Our goal is to guide you through a decision-making process that is designed to maximize your company’s performance by introducing processes and services recognized as "best practices". Our professionals are ready to assist with day-to-day projects such as recruiting, development of job descriptions, compensation structures, performance review management, and management of education programs. Special projects include the development of employee handbooks, company policy improvements, safety programs, and HR compliance audits. With best practices in place, you can rest assured that your most critical assets, your employees, are vested and engaged in delivering on your organization's strategic goals.


When you need to connect the dots between financial decisions and operations, look to CFO Connect.  As an outsourced solution, CFO Connect structures engagements as a complement to your existing finance and accounting staff.  We provide finance professionals to guide you through the decision-making processes which affect the financial health of your organization.  Our professionals are ready to assist with day-to-day projects such as financial statement analysis, budgeting and cash flow planning. Special projects include identifying and executing strategies to create value, assisting with an acquisition or merger, capital structure planning, obtaining or renegotiating debt, financial process improvements, or capacity and pricing analysis. CFO Connect services are available to you at a frequency and duration that best suits your organization's needs.



Most publishers of on-premises software release  product updates on an interim schedule.  Typically,  these are available annually. However, depending on the software product (i.e. payroll applications), could be as often as quarterly.  CS3 is available to answer your occasional questions about those self-install, mid-year patches or minor releases. We can also provide more in-depth assistance  for such things as annual upgrades, which typically require more technical services. Don't suffer in silence!


CS3 provides proven methodologies to help you with new system implementations or migrations from legacy products. With experienced Project Managers and Consultants, you can leverage CS3's proven track record of planning, design, configuration, and testing to get a quality job done according to your business priorities. Do it right the first time with the experience gained from multiple implementations.


Job one for CS3 is to provide the support it takes to ensure that your daily operations run smoothly.  Our experienced CS3 support staff understand not only how your software operates, but the unique ways in which it may have been implemented within your firm.  This insight enables us to get right to the heart of your issues, providing you with quick, reliable answers.  Whether you are looking for support on a seldom-used or custom report, help with fixing a data entry mistake, or the steps necessary to resolve a software error message, we are here to provide answers. Select the SERV Access Plan that meets your needs for timely and effective support.


Easy access to key data is the “end game” for business software.  Your unique reporting requirements can generally be accomplished with the reporting tools that are included with your software. CS3 can coach you through the creation of your specialized reports or dashboards.  Depending upon the complexity of your needs, we are also available to develop more advanced reports or dashboards on your behalf.


Establish a competitive edge by automating your unique business processes and integrating your industry-specific software.  CS3 can assist with the integrations or interfaces between your HCM or ERP software and the special tools that make your processes unique.  With years of experience helping software packages “talk” to each other, we can readily guide you through your integration alternatives. Make the most of your investments by maximizing system integration and improving processing efficiencies.



CS3 offers CPE credits as part of our training opportunities for your new or existing staff. We highlight the most common systems needs and processes, including year-end classes to train your payroll team on important quarter- or year-end processes as well as the latest legislative changes that may affect your business.

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Monthly User Group Meetings

Join our monthly user group meeting called SmartTalks on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 12:00 pm Central.  These one-hour virtual meetings are open to the public and include such topics as new software features, Excel tips and tricks,  and business compliance requirements. Presenters include our talented CS3 Consultants as well as other industry leaders.

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Video software Demos and Tutorials

Recognizing that learning is often best accomplished through watching, we have developed an extensive library of video tips and tricks to help answer questions about the products we support. It is our goal to help you better understand the valuable features available in your software through a visual medium that further reinforces understanding.

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CS3 University

For our CS3 SERV Access Plan clients, we offer an exclusive library of prerecorded classes and user group meetings that we have developed over the years. This on-demand learning is made available for reference anytime, anywhere by new or existing client team members that have active SERV Access Plans.

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In addition to our group classes and on-demand learning, there are times that mentoring or tutoring is most appropriate.   If you have a new process you would like us to walk you through, a new employee that needs a “quick start” session, or are looking for more targeted instruction using your own data, we are here to help.

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Partnering with our Software Business Partners, CS3 offers live product webinars on a routine basis. These are designed to give you an overview of the capabilities offered so that you can continue to enhance your existing business processes.  Webinars are announced in our newsletters and on all of CS3's social media channels.



No surprises, no guessing!  CS3 offers fixed-fee pricing for your projects to help you budget and manage risk more effectively.  A fixed pricing option will be provided once our detailed CS3 Discovery process is completed.


Your Confidence Contract is like a strong roof in the midst of a storm, providing full coverage.  Our expertise with business software projects allows us to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back.  We promise to work with your team to successfully complete a defined project based with an agreed Scope by providing the necessary resources to ensure a quality implementation.  You have our word, so you can buy with confidence.


The CS3 SERV Access Plan™ is designed meet your ongoing support and educational needs. Your plan will  provide you with a high level of service that not only covers the typical “reactive” or “break fix” needs, but also gives you additional access to our consulting group for “pro-active” requests.  CS3's Service Pillar - Engage in Knowledge Transfer - is at the heart of our SERV Access Plan.  We believe that knowledge transfer enables self-sufficiency in our clients' day-to-day operations and thereby maximizing their productivity.  The CS3 SERV Access Plan provides you with the highest return on the investment that you can achieve from your software application.

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CS3 provides trained and certified Project Management Professionals (PMP’s) to lead projects, thereby delivering reliable processes and techniques that are used to coordinate resources and achieve predictable results with increased value for our customers.

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Your relationship with CS3 will follow a proven evaluation and project methodology known as our Plus7 Process™.  This seven-point model defines the ongoing relationship and phases undertaken with each client on all engagements.  Successful project implementation that meets your key business needs and expectations is our top priority.

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As your long-term business partner, our CS3 staff will become an extension to your organization. Our shared goal is to help you meet your management, production and revenue goals. In order for CS3 Technology to meet your needs, our consultants are continually challenged to perform at an exemplary service level, as defined by our 18  Pillars of Service. Learn more about how CS3 does business differently through these important pillars of service!

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