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Imagine how effectively you could manage your business if you had all the tools to provide great customer service, increase revenue, and make better decisions every single day - available on-premises or on-line.

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Create Loyal Customers

Sage 100cloud is designed to provide an outstanding customer experience by allowing access to information when and where you need it.   Obtain the analytical data you need to ensure on-time deliveries and great service.

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Exceed Sales Goals

You can increase revenue and improve close rates by providing necessary information to make immediate buying decisions.  Sage 100cloud is built for sales people, both in the field and in the office.

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Operate with Confidence

Sage 100cloud provides you with intelligence tools that enable instant visibilily across your business.  In this fast paced business world, you must have the right information to make the best decisions for your business.

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What is Sage 100cloud?

What Sage 100 looks Like?

Sage 100cloud (formerly Sage ERP MAS 90, 200, and 200 SQL) business management software is a scalable, flexible, integrated solution that offers a broad range of modules designed to meet the various needs of virtually any small- to mid-market company in a wide variety of industries.  Available functionality includes accounting, finance, distribution, eCommerce, resource and project management, manufacturing, and business intelligence. The flexibility of Sage 100cloud allows you to combine modules to build an ERP system that is specific to your business needs and processes.  

As your business continues to grow or change, you can confidently add Sage 100cloud modules when needed, knowing that your system is evolving and adapting to become the best solution for your unique business needs. Powerful and efficient Paperless Office capabilities to take your company Green are just one of the many reasons why Sage 100cloud is recommended by more CPAs than any other midrange accounting solution on the market today.

How much does Sage 100 cost?

A small organization can leverage Sage 100cloud capabilities for as little as $10,000!

How long will it take to Launch Sage 100?

Your Sage 100cloud solution can be up and running in as little as 60 to 90 days.

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The Sage 100cloud Difference :

  • On-Premises, Purchased Model – Most firms retain software for an average of 7 years.  Make a one-time payment and the software is yours to run on your existing network.  Offsite employees can have ready access with several choices of remote connection tools.
  • On-Premises, Pay-as-you-go  -  Subscription pricing plans enable you to take advantage of all functionality with a lower up-front cost.
  • Hosted -  Whether you choose to purchase or subscribe, you can easily install your software with one of your preferred hosting companies.  You are now free from hardware and software hassles including backups and security.

What Sage 100cloud can Do?


Sage CRM and Mobile software solutions will give your team all the tools they need to manage the entire sales cycle. The customer experience is the next competitive battleground. Customer loyalty is priceless.    You need more than just great sales, marketing and customer service to successfully manage all of your customer interactions - You need social interaction and collaboration along with mobile access anytime, anywhere. Together these will drive toward maximum productivity and efficiency across your entire business.


Sage CRM and Sage Sales Order provides you with the ability to optimize your entire sales and distribution workflow. Empower your team to close the deal the first time a customer calls. With powerful tools at their fingertips, your sales representatives get complete, up-to-the-minute information to answer every customer question, including the availability of specific units in inventory, item pricing, quantity pricing, and more.


Sage 100cloud Inventory and Purchase Order Management enables you to select the right vendors so you have the products on hand that your customers want to buy, when they want to buy them. Distributors face an ever-present dilemma: Inventories of out-of-stock items combined with overstocked items that are devastating to  business. Additionally, an overstated or understated inventory valuation can result in incorrectly reported assets within your financial statements. Inventory Management offers comprehensive reporting capabilities to keep you on top of inventory status.


Although distributors always seek to minimize inventory whenever possible, Warehouse Management remains a fundamental component of distributor-centered ERP systems. Sage 100cloud can provide distributors with snapshots of inventory on hand, facilitate sampling and quality control measures, as well as automated replenishment based on fixed schedules or on demand.  Well-organized warehouses with automated Pick-Pack-Ship and integrated shipping tools will ensure on-time delivery and happy customers.


Good service is good business.  Being on par in terms of price and quality only gets you into the game. Service wins the game. Sage 100cloud's easy-to-use dashboards enable excellent customer service by allowing you to seamlessly manage everything from case tracking and management to web self-service, all supported by powerful workflow and automation.


Sage 100cloud  supports such Accounts Receivable functions from credit checks to automated reminders and collections notices. Accounts Receivable quickly and easily accumulates and presents the information you need for effective cash management in an intuitive format. 

Streamline how you manage your customers who maintain corporate and branch accounts by utilizing Sage 100cloud's powerful National Accounts features. Efficiently track and bill the parent company for goods and services you sell and provide to their branches — while still keeping a unique customer account for each entity.


Sage 100cloud offers a complete suite of financial modules that are fully integrated with the operational centers of your business.  Invoicing from Sage Sales Orders sends revenue numbers directly to the General Ledger as well as cost of goods sold.  Additions to inventory recorded through Sage Purchasing and Receiving will book entries in both Balance Sheet accounts as well as Accounts Payable liabilities, keeping them in perfect balance.


The right information... right now! That is the pinnacle of all business software solutions.   Business intelligence can bring visibility into the organization at both summary and granular levels, helping to link all aspects of the business together.  Sage 100cloud provides many methods to access data – pick the one that make the most sense for the task at hand.


Every organization has critical information and transactions that need monitoring: a prospect that requires follow-up; a contract that is about to expire; a pricing error. Sage Alerts and Workflow monitors the health of your business data—both within Sage and beyond. It provides much-needed exception management alerts, allowing you to respond to conditions that fall outside of your organization’s standard workflow process. Imagine never having to repeatedly say, “If only we had known.”


The Fixed Assets Module gives you the flexibility to manage the entire fixed asset lifecycle—from acquisition to transfers and disposals. With advanced fixed asset accounting and reporting features, Sage Fixed Assets can help you prepare your year-end financials, allocate costs, calculate depreciation, and eliminate redundant data entry. Never lose key documents again by storing digital images of asset records such as purchase orders, warranty information, and insurance records. 

You already know how critical an accurate fixed asset inventory is to the overall accuracy and reliability of your fixed asset accounting. Don't let the daunting nature of tracking fixed assets prevent you from attaining that goal. Sage Fixed Assets makes tracking easy with barcoding and automated scanning functionality integrated for use during inventory.

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