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How to - Direct Deposit Change Solutions

June 19, 2024

In today's digital age, bank accounts are increasingly targeted by hackers and fraudsters. At CS3 Technology, we are committed to helping businesses protect their employees' financial information. This video introduces our innovative solutions - direct deposit change reports and notifications.

Our system reports allow you to monitor any changes made to the direct deposit information, providing an added layer of security. You can customize these reports to be sent to you on a weekly basis or any schedule that suits your needs.

We also offer direct deposit change notifications. These notifications, which can be set up at your convenience, are sent out any time an employee makes a change to their direct deposit information. You can choose who receives these notifications, ensuring the right people are informed at the right time.

In case of any changes, we advise contacting the employee via telephone rather than email to verify their identity. This is because emails can be compromised without the employee's knowledge.

For further assistance in setting up these reports or notifications, feel free to reach out to support, and stay ahead of the fraudsters with CS3 Technology.

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