Accessing Crystal Reports in Abra Suite

April 14, 2017


"This is Brandi Clymer. The knowledge tip from CS3 today is accessing Crystal Reports in Abra Suite. Many clients have asked me about how to do this.

Let's log into Abra Suite, and once we're in Abra suite, down on our toolbar, we should have a Crystal Reports option. If I don't see Crystal Reports here, one of a few different reasons. Either I don't have security. I don't have Crystal Reports installed, or I have a different version of Crystal installed than is supported for this version of the product. So, right now for Abra Suite, the current version is 2008 of Crystal Reports.

If you have security, you have Crystal Reports installed, then you should have your little link here that you can click on to open Crystal. Once Crystal is open, now you can open an existing Crystal Report, or even start a new Report using the Blank Report or Report Wizard. Let's look at the reports that came with Abra Suite.

Inside the data directory, there's a folder called Custom Reports, and in Custom Reports, you'll see there's multiple folders. And if I go into one of them there's a bunch of different reports that came standard with the product. I can take any of these reports, copy them, add a column, add a formula, do anything I need to to customize them and make them my own. Once I've done that, I can even take these reports that I've customized and hang them inside of Abra Suite inside the menu structure. That way my users don't have to have Crystal Reports installed, and don't have to know how to use Crystal Reports. Makes it easier for everybody to use the customized Crystal Reports you have built for your company.

We have a separate video on how to actually hang the Crystal Reports inside of our suite, and you'll find that video on our website. It's as simple as that."

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