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Training Management with Scissortail HCM powered by UKG, formerly Kronos

April 1, 2018

When you do on the job training or hold a class for your dept., you can add a new record to one or multiple employees. This could be for training that has already occurred or for future dates.

If you need to add a new class, you can add it under View Courses and then Add New. Once added, you can add notes and assign the course to employees.

When you assign a course or training to an employee, you can set up an alert so they are automatically notified. Or you can be proactive and send reminders of training that is due to expire by creating a custom alert that monitors the expiration date and then sends a reminder or set of reminders prior to the expiration. You can define when the reminder is sent, who is to receive it, what the message will say and you can include attachments needed.

Under the training tab in employee information, you can see all training history along with other information such as formal education and licenses.

You can assign a performance improvement plan and track that required training is completed by adding a Performance Improvement Plan checklist. It can be a predefined checklist for a set of standard training or if this varies greatly from employee to employee, you can add what you want them to do when you assign this checklist to them.

The check list can contain items such as a link to external training, a link to a form they need to complete or a class they need to register for. Once saved, a to do will be assigned to the employee which can then be used to track progress.

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