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CS3 Plus7 Process

May 9, 2019
  • Years of experience implementing new business
  • Value to you and your organization
  • Proven evaluation and implementation methodology known as Plus7 Process.

Your organization is changing and you need a business solution that can support you and your organization moving forward. This may feel like a monumental task for you and your organization, but CS3 Technology has years of experience selecting,implementing, and supporting new business processes for our clients.

The lessons we’ve learned over the years are what sets us apart and are the basis for our proven methodology known as the Plus7 Process.

Step 1: Discovery

  1. We take time to understand
  2. Consultative sales process centers around comprehensive discovery
  3. interview with key team member to detail critical business issues and key needs.
  4. Summary of Findings document and ROI detailing savings your solution should yield
Plus 1, Discovery. Only solutions developed through thorough understanding of a client’s business needs are helpful and our process starts around a comprehensive discovery. We interview you and your key team members to understand the critical business needs and key issues. We provide every customer with a Summary of Findings document and ROI detailing the savings your solution should yield.

Step 2: Design

  1. Utilizing your Summary of Findings document your business consultant will develop a solution designed to address your business issues.
  2. Using a holistic approach, CS3 will evaluate your business and provide a solution designed to address
Plus 2, Design. Using the Summary of Findings document, we design a solution specific to your business issues. Using a holistic approach, CS3 will evaluate the options available in the market and present the best solution.

Step 3: Planning

  1. Project Management
  2. On task, on time, pond budget
  3. Everything defined before we do anything
Plus 3, Planning. Every project we do is scoped with project management methodology applied to ensure our team and the client stay on task, complete on time and on budget.Everything we do is defined and agreed upon in true partnership.

Step 4: Education

  1. Tools
  2. Developed over years, best tools and processes for customer success.
  3. Imperative your team understand completely how your new system works
  4. All changes to business processes needs
  5. instructor lead and on demand training to ensure ongoing success
Plus 4, Education. It is imperative that your team understands how you new system works completely.This includes new functionality and all changes your business processes need to fully utilize the solution. We offer instructor lead and on demand training to ensure ongoing success.

Step 5: Validation

  1. Required for successful implementation
  2. Working model for work flows, data, etc.
  3. Plus 5, Validation. Before we make any assumptions about operations we develop a working model for workflows to test the new processes using client data.

Step 6: Deploy

non event thanks to the previous steps in our process. Our team will be available at your go live to ensure  

Plus 6, Deploy. You can expect your Go Live day to be a nonevent thanks to Plus1 through Plus 5.Rest assured that the CS3 team will be at your launch as an extension of your team for support and any additional questions.

Step 7: Review and Refine

Image: Growth

Review and refine

Plus 7, Review and Refine. We understand your organization will change as time goes on. Continual process improvement is crucial to the changing market. CS3 is here to assisty our organization through each new challenge.
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