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What was your favorite cartoon as a kid?
Road Runner and Wiley Coyote – Road Runner lived a charmed life and always won.

Favorite childhood memory?
We had a neighbor, a seamstress, who was older and had no children. Mrs. Brummet was very gracious and loved me and my two brothers. She often sat at her sewing machine in front of a window facing our house and could watch our antics as we played. I can still remember her glee as she would describe the spectacle of our July snow.

We lived in Wichita with July summer days usually in the 90s. One hot day I decided I had had enough of the heat. I was around eight and my brothers five and four. While I was the oldest, I was only an inch or so taller than my brothers making us appear to be triplets. We decided we would "will" ourselves into believing it had snowed so we could cool off and have a snowball fight in the process.

Mrs. Brummet described it as the most hilarious thing she had ever seen. She was sewing for a customer. All of a sudden three little boys come marching out of the back of our house in single file. Each one was wearing a cap with ears covered, large coat, long pants and galoshes. All of a sudden, we started bending over to pick up imaginary stuff and through it at each other. She almost split her sides watching the spectacle.

She was so excited she called my mother and made her get out the 8mm and record a movie of us coming out the door in our attire. I don't know if we really achieved the euphoria of 30 degrees in July, but we felt much cooler when we took those winter clothes off and the sweat began evaporating.

If you were President for a day, what one thing would you fix?
The budget deficit. The reality of our Country's fiscal situation has to be remedied. While there are many people who need society's help, many take without being needy. This Country was founded on personal achievement and charity was a personal decision. Knowing what a privilege it was to have even the opportunity to achieve success, those who could, helped those who needed a lift. We must limit our governmental spending to the things that really require a corporate effort. Otherwise we cripple our children's dreams of achieving their own success.

What is your favorite movie line?
Jack Nicholson's court room tirade in A Few Good Men. I am not a huge Jack Nicholson fan. However, the emotion charged deliver of "You can't HANDLE the truth" with the rhythmic and tonal variations in "you Want me on that wall, you NEED me on that wall" is such a great performance.

Gary Crouch

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