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May 7, 2019

Welcome to CS3 on behalf of our entire team.  I am Sheri Blaho, Vice President of Sales.  Whether you are a new client, or a long term customer, you will find this video helpful in learning how and where to get all your questions answered.

We will look at Key Staff Members and their Roles, How to use our Website and tools that are available to you and how to resolve a service issue.

Gary Crouch, our president is committed to each client being Clearly Delighted with our services.  You can contact him at gcrouch@cs3technology. Gary has instituted random weekly surveys.  You may receive one of these after you have completed an implementation or a simple service ticket.  Each summer he also has us conduct a full survey regarding your services and the quality of your software.

Brandi Clymer is VP of Software services and makes herself available to help with questions regarding product functionality.

Dana Zodrow is our Accounting Manager and will gladly answer any questions you have regarding your invoices from CS3, payment history or account balances.

I am Sheri Blaho, VP of Sales and Marketing.  I will continue to assist in questions related to additional software needs.  I can also assist with navigation within the publishers organization regarding their invoices or service..such as Sage, Acumatica or UKG, formerly Kronos. Additionally, I oversee all routine communications, emails, classes and user group meetings. 

Next a quick overview of our website where you should be able to get many questions resolved.

From the home page you can click on the hand icon that will open up your Client Service center,  to it is right the contact us for general inquiry (Sale will answer these questions).  The wrench will allow you to open a service ticket , and the bell let’s you register for specific notifications from us.

On the right, is a website wide search bar, that will frequently help you answer questions. Brandi’s consultants have created videos, blogs, and papers on many frequently asked questions.

Let’s drill into your Service Center now.  This page is loaded with options specifically for you.

We encourage you to take a minute to register email communications that are important t you. All clients will receive our newsletter each month.

You can launch a support ticket from here.  Register for Smart Talks and see what the upcoming events will be.

Under Tech Knowledgy you can see the most current video releases and videos by category.  

The details of your serve plan can be found here.

We offer live classes throughout the the year.  You can review and register for them here.

We are happy to offer a referral fee for introducing us to someone who can use our service.  We will send $500 to you, your firm or your favorite charity for those new clients.

CS3 University is the only information on our site that is restricted.  You must be a SERV AccessPlan client to gain admittance.  This isa special video library of all our past User Group Meetings and special learning materials.  Contact me for your password.

These two options are for our Sage Clients.  They will direct you to the Sage Library of information. 

Let’s talk a bit more about getting Service.  Whether you click the link for a support request or the wrench from anywhere on our site you will open this ticket.

Provide the urgency of the problem, your demographic information, the product with which you need assistance, a brief description of the issue.  This will notify everyone on Brandi’s team so the next, appropriate team member can take care of you.  You may also email us at  If you call, an team member will log your ticket into the system for you.

Other Areas you may find of interest:

  • All the HR, Payroll and Time Collection Software we sell and service
  • All the ERP and accounting software we represent, include field service, distribution and manufacturing
  • Take a moment and read the fun bios about our team members.  Did you know Brandi is a Snoopy fan?

We offer a breath of services from our CS3 Advisors in all areas of your business including special projects like selling or transitioning your business, operation or business process re-engineering.  We also out-sourced or managed services with our CFO Connect and HR Connect programs.

Under Resources you can quickly get to all the knowledge that our team has to offer.  

In closing, I encourage to read or watch about the 18 Service Pillar Information.  Every business claims they have the best staff. We use these as our yardstick to measure what the best really mean.  We take each of these to heart.  

You have seen in this video that we place Engage in Knowledge Transfer and Communicate at the top of these measurements.

On behalf of the CS3 Technology and Advisors I welcome you.  I look forward to helping meet your every need.  Let me know how I can help.

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