Acumatica Sneak Peek Demo

August 26, 2014


Learn how you can access your business and financial applications from anywhere in the world via browser-enabled devices.  With several options for deployment and a customizable user experience, this easy to use financial system can be made to fit most organizational requirements. Acumatica is a solution on a mission to give you the most pristine and uncomplicated lens through which to view your business. This cloud-based ERP solution comes packed with features and problem-solving tools to speed up the ‘day to day’ tasks and get you focused on growth! Acumatica is the best solution for mid-sized companies looking to expand their capability and most efficiently capitalize on their already existing wealth of human capital. CS3 Technology is proud to partner with one of the fastest-growing Cloud ERP companies in the industry! Watch this demo for a quick rundown of Acumatica’s uses to see if this is the right move for you and your company!


A Few Features

-         User-Based Dashboards

-         Built-In Customization Guides

-         Export to Excel Capabilities

-         Employee Task Assignment Abilities

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