Control Your Costs, Risks, and Expectations

Human Capital Management just got simpler. When you’re under pressure to keep track of labor costs, overtime, and the rules and regulations that go along with your workforce, you need a platform that can compile all your data in one place and in real-time.

With Scissortail HCM, you’re freed up to spend your time on employee retention and engagement initiatives, workplace improvement strategies, and safety and training programs.

Control Your Risks

Easily Manage Training and Safety Programs

Ensure your employees are meeting all training requirements with Scissortail HCM automatic notifications. Reduce injuries and accidents by managing safety education through Scissortail HCM.

Control Your Costs

Immediately Reduce Overtime

Get a real-time look into your employees’ time and attendance with Scissortail HCM

Control Your Expectations

Provide Employees With Timely Information and Mobile Access

Being in the cloud with Scissortail HCM means your employees can instantly get the information they need, wherever they are.

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