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Dec 10

Sheri Blaho

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Organizations of all sizes and across all industries are transforming the payroll process with Scisssortail HCM powered by UKG, formerly Kronos. By implementing a integrated HCM suite that prioritizes the day-to-day tasks that define an employee’s work experience – such as capturing time worked, providing on-inline scheduling, accelerating time-off approval, and simplifying shift swaps – Scissortail customers also improve payroll accuracy, efficiency, and data visibility while managing compliance risks and supporting the development of a highly engaged workforce.

News Facts

  • Scissortail HCM simplifies the entire employee lifecycle, empowering employees with innovative tools to balance the demands of work and life, unburdening managers from time-consuming administrative tasks so they can focus on strategic business initiatives, and accelerating payroll processing with high quality data and automation that mitigates compliance risk and supports reporting.
  • Jasper Group, a manufacturer of high-quality business, community, and public space furniture, has doubled in size since deploying Kronos HCM seven years ago. Today, Jasper Group processes payroll faster with UKG, formerly Kronos, than it did with its legacy solution when it was half its current size.
  • By deploying a unified HCM suite from UKG, formerly Kronos, Kalamazoo Anesthesiology eliminated the cumbersome, manual process required to transfer data from its timekeeping system to its payroll system – a significant pain point that affected accuracy and efficiency – reducing processing time from approximately four days to less than one. Employees now know an accurate timecard will result in an accurate paycheck, which has greatly improved data quality for real-time analytics and reporting.
  • Sprint Mart, a convenience store chain with nearly 100 locations, issues more than 1,300 paychecks every single week. Prior to UKG, formerly Kronos, managers were drowning in highly manual, paper-based processes. With Kronos HCM, administrative work has been digitized and automated, improving payroll data quality and reducing processing time – allowing managers to use their newfound time to focus on cultural changes that have empowered employees and measurably reduced turnover.
  • Organizations increasingly recognize the efficiencies of combining market-leading workforce management with payroll and payroll services, such as tax and garnishment payments, in a single solution from Scissortail HCM powered by UKG, formerly Kronos. CS3 Payroll Solutions continues to grow each year, and many new CS3 Payroll customers now opt to utilize CS3 Payroll Services.
  • Scissortail HCM growth continues to surge, with HCM bookings up over the last 12 months, as more organizations recognize the value of actively leveraging the rich workforce management data being created every minute of every day to drive payroll processing efficiencies and make more informed people-centric decisions across all levels of the organization.

Supporting Quotes

  • Bob DelPonte, vice president and general manager, HCM practice group, Kronos
    “Scissortail HCM powered by UKG, formerly Kronos, delivers more than 40 years of global workforce management leadership driving innovation, employee engagement, and customer success. Scissortail HCM powered by UKG, formerly Kronos, is rapidly growing because more organizations recognize the value of putting workforce management - where the decisions that impact employees most every day are made - at the core of their HCM strategy. This also simplifies the complex relationship between timekeeping and payroll, while delivering innovations such as artificial intelligence and real-time analytics to elevate payroll to a strategic business partner.”

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