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Director of Marketing

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I have two start dates! I sold my company, Total Resolutions, to CS3 Technology and began as a contractor for them in October, 2004. I joined the CS3 staff as a full time employee in December of 2004. After running my own software and hardware company for over 20 years, it was nice to join a firm with a strong management team. In my own business, even though I had a large staff, I was always pulled in many directions with various responsibilities. Here at CS3, I get to focus on the part of the business that I enjoy most: Sales and Marketing.

What are you a diehard fan of?

Change! I love change, anything new, fresh, different. I have remodeled 4 houses. But once the project is over my interest in the house wains. I have designed and planted two landscape projects, but hate the month over month maintenance. So my career in technology was a great choice because it is forever changing. CS3 is a nimble company and responds to the market quickly. So my job in sales in marketing is always being revamped. Perfect!

What ‘s at the top of your bucket list?

I want to hike the Appalachian Trail. It takes about 4-6 months for a “through hike” (from beginning to end). So many people only do portions lasting for days or weeks. I want to do a 3 month hike with my son David. You carry all your provision in a back pack and can go as many as 3 days before you come to places for restocking your supplies. The downside? Most people experience an increase in their shoe size by at least one half size.

Beach or Mountains?

Definitely Mountains. We have a family homestead that sits at the bottom of the Poteau Mountain Range in Arkansas. My boys, as generations before, have explored Yowell mountain, the one closest to our cabin. I always wanted to join them and share in this adventure. After losing 80 pounds and a stringent exercise routine, I was finally able to climb to the top on a trek with my 4 sons. The most beautiful place I know.

Sheri Blaho

is no longer an employee at CS3 Technology


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