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Scissortail Assists in Payroll Tax Reporting and Balancing

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Dec 10

Cathy Antle

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Scissortail is great HCM system in that it has the flexibility to do pretty much anything you would need or want at an employee or company level. UKG does a great job of releasing powerful updates and features for Scissortail routinely.


1)     I love having the Tax Wage Detail Report that I can run at either a high tax authority level or at an employee level.   Having the employee level report helps me to identify tax balances by employee.  For example, when an employee was taxed in an incorrect state, I can see exactly how the employee was taxed and use that data for the correction.

2)     I like how easy it is to add a payroll in Scissortail HCM.  Anytime I need to add tax changes for an employee I run a stand-alone payroll for it.

3)     The process of adding a new tax or updating a rate for unemployment is so easy with Scissortail.

4)     At the end of the quarter or year we can upload the tax documents/W2’s to the Company’s tax documents which ensures the security of the data.

5)     My favorite thing about Scissortail is how easy it is to download the data to be exported into our tax system for quarterly and year end processing.

What is new at the office:

I transitioned to working from home late last year and only go to the office when I need supplies.  It is great that CS3 provides us with all the necessary collaborative tools to make the transition transparent to clients.  My team does meet for lunch at “The Garage” fairly frequently.

What is happening at home:

It is just my husband Terry, our dog Bandit, and myself at home.  Of course, Bandit runs the household.  Our great grandson Benton who is 9 years old stays overnight about once a month. Bandit gets so excited when we tell him Benton’s coming and then he so sad when Benton goes home.  Sometimes we are almost convinced Bandit is more human than dog.



Benton on vacation in Florida this past summer




Mr. Bandit

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