Cathy Antle

Tax and Payroll Specialist

At CS3 Technology since
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I've only been at CS3 for a short while, but I am LOVING it. Great Team! I have however been in involved in Payroll in one form or another my entire career. Payroll wasn't anything I set out to study, it just evolved. I can say that Payroll is never boring. Just when you think you couldn't possibly experience something new -- well you do.

What is the scariest thin you have ever done?

I had never flown until I turned 22 - then everything changed.  I flew from Tulsa to Dallas and from Dallas to London all by myself.  I was terrified when I had to change planes in Dallas.  I didn’t know anything about riding trams or navigating through an airport.  I just knew I was going to miss my flight to London. But lo and behold, I made it.  After landing at the Gatwick Airport in London, I made my way to the hotel and to finally to the security of my room.  Once in my room, I thought, "I am just going to stay in tonight? No! Did just spend all this money to stay in my room?" I ventured out into the big, wide, scary world of London.  Well, their English and my English were two different languages. So, to say communication was a challenge was a huge understatement.  I rode the Underground, which was an adventure all on its own. Then I made my way back to the hotel.  The next day I met a bus tour group at Trafalgar Square and visited 7 countries in 10 days.  It was a trip of a lifetime especially for this country girl all by herself.

Mountains or Beach?

The Beach.  I was lucky enough to be on a client assignment in San Diego for two years and I think I hit every beach in Southern California including Catalina Island.

Books or Movies?

Books. In grade school I used to get the annual award for having read 25 books.  I like "real" books where you can turn the pages rather than electronic readers.

Favorite childhood memory.  

I was raised in the country by my grandparents.  We did not have a car so most every day my Grandpa and I would walk the mile and a half to town. Along the way we would pick up pop bottles.  By the time we made it to town we usually had enough pop bottles to sell so that my Grandpa could buy himself a Chocolate Soldier pop and I would get an orange PushUp ice cream.  You don’t realize you’re poor when you are a kid. You just think you are on an adventure.

Cathy Antle

is no longer an employee at CS3 Technology


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