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Building Lasting Relationships and Delivering Exceptional Service

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Feb 21

Ira Apt

I have been in my role as Client Account Manager at CS3 Technology for almost two years, where I've had the pleasure of interacting with a majority of our valued clients. One consistent feedback we receive from our clients is the unwavering consistency they experience when working with our team members. This consistency can be attributed to our core philosophies, well-defined processes, and established procedures.

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You can find information about many of our core beliefs and processes on our website, as we believe in complete transparency and open communication. Our commitment to excellence is further reinforced by our owner, Gary Crouch, who authored the influential book, "18 SERVICE PILLARS: The Basis of an Exceptional Organization." These pillars serve as our guiding principles and help shape our actions and decision-making processes. To ensure everyone understands and embraces these pillars, we publish informative videos on our website that provide in-depth insights into their significance.

As a testament to our dedication, we also hold monthly SmartTalks User group meetings, where I announce and honor an outstanding CS3 employee who exemplifies the Service Pillar of the Month. This recognition further fosters a culture of exceptional service within our organization.

To showcase our commitment to delivering successful project implementations that address your key business needs, we highlight the Plus7 Process on our website's service tab. This seven-point model outlines the comprehensive and iterative approach we follow with each client on every engagement. By adhering to this process, we ensure our solutions tackle the true root causes and not just the symptoms causing your pain.

At CS3, we firmly believe in forging long-term relationships rather than merely winning a deal. Our extensive client base is a testament to the trust and referrals we receive from satisfied customers. If you are an existing client, I encourage you to reach out to me directly to discuss any ideas, SERV Plans, or referrals you may have in mind.

Thank you for being a part of our thriving CS3 community, where we prioritize your success and satisfaction above all else. Existing clients please contact us to discuss ideas, SERV Plans or referrals.

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