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July 31, 2019

Benefit Enrollment - HCM

Today we are going to walk through a benefit enrollment in Scissortail HCM .I'm logged in as one of my employees, Josh. We have benefit enrollment as part of his new hire on-boarding, or he could access it from his menu structure. I'm going to click on benefit enrollment. For my example today, I can show you that he can do a Life Event or if it were time for Open Enrollment he would see that here. In a Life Event, he would tell what type of event, in this case,'Newly Eligible,' and tell the day of the event, in this case, would be his hire date. I have already got this one started under open enrollment.  

First, my customized Instructions page opens. Next, I would go to the Medical tab to make my election. You will notice at the top of each benefit group I can choose to Waive a benefit type.  If I waive, it will ask me for a Waived reason. I will cancel the waive and now review my options. If I'm unsure which plan, I want I can compare the two plans side by side to make my decision. Once I decide I check Selected on the one I want.

Next, is dental where I can click on the magnifying glass to see more details on a particular plan. You will notice that if I picked the Family Plan,it would require me to select the covered dependents.

Next, is my Option Life plan. The Life plan needs the number of units of coverage's I want. You will notice the description tells me that I have 100 units guaranteed, but if I want higher,say 150, the system will let me know evidence of insurability is required. My coverage and deduction will be at the guaranteed amount until the evidence of insurability is approved and updated in the system. I can attach the attached a copy of the evidence of insurability that I filled here. I am going to go back to 100 units. The system will also ask me to identify my beneficiaries.

Next, I can review my elections and confirm that I have made all the proper selections. I can see my monthly premium. Once I am happy, I can click 'Submit Request'  and enter my password to sign off. I am asked if I want to print a copy of my enrollment verification.

Now that I have submitted, my election went to my benefits admin to review and approve. I am going to log in as Kathy Watts, my administrator. I can see I have something to do and here I've received Josh's benefit enrollment.I can review what he selected, and if I do not have any issues, I can Approve his request and verify the effective date. Now my benefits have been updated, and the payroll deduction will start per my benefit plan setup rules. If I look at my open enrollment status, I can have a couple of views to see the status of my employees. Currently, I don't have anybody in submitted, but if I look at my approved list, I can see I've got both Josh and Paul on that list.

Benefit Enrollment is as easy as that.


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