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User navigation in Acumatica - the Power of the Side Panel.

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Dec 9

Cristi Womack

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Cristi Womack shares her favorite features of Acumatica.

Side panels with Acumatica speeds up data entry

Coming from a data entry background I love showing how to use the side panel.  No more clicking into an item to make a change then having to click back to a list to click the next record, change the same thing rinse and repeat.  With a side panel, you have the listing open and when you click on the line the transaction opens on the side of the page.  You make your change click save then click on the next line and that item opens on the same page again.


Generic Inquiries and filters streamlines data interrogation

The ease of filtering data to make more customized reports without changing the underlying report is very helpful for individuals.  Or you could have a base report, and have it broken out to in many different ways with tabs depending on how you are wanting to use the data


Widgets in Acumatica Summarizes Big Data

With the newest upgrade we are able to copy paste widgets from one dashboard to another.  Before this you would have to start from scratch each time and inevitably something would get missed and it would take a while to find the error.  Now we can copy the widget and paste it then make any necessary changes (see GI and Filters above) to make it end user friendly.


Outlook Integration with Acumatica Captures Client Communications

Most of my communication for work is through Outlook but I need to make sure my teammates are aware of what I am doing.  The ease of being able to attach emails to my cases allows others to see where I am and what steps I have taken to get to a solution.  While I was on vacation, it was super easy for others to take over and handle any issues that came up so they could see what I had worked on before. Or if a problem sounded familiar, we could look up the other cases and see what the solution was, so we didn’t have to start from scratch.


Search and History Make Data Access Lightning Fast

The master search feature in Acumatica is now the best in the ERP market. With changes in the user interface and moving nodes sometimes it is just easier to search. If you have a partial document number typing in the search will bring up potential documents that satisfy the search.  Another nice to have feature is the History button.  This will look up your most recent history and you can get to your past transactions easily.  They have a listing of all past transactions or on the left side of the screen you have a “Record Type” so if you know you were looking at a specific contact, but it was a while back, and you don’t want to scroll through the listing, you can click on Contact and it will bring upall the most recent contacts you went to.


What is happening at the office with Cristi

We are currently working on a few implementations to go live by the end of the year, so it is a very busy time.  I will be co-hosting a Payroll end of the Year SmartTalks with Mike Talbot for Sage and Acumatica end of year closing and getting ready for 2023. I am also completing certification testing for a couple Acumatica Consulting Badges before year end.


What is happening outside of work with Cristi

Can you believe 2022 is almost over?  I have a birthday coming up, only 4 more Thursday’s until Thanksgiving and only 8 more until Christmas then New Year’s is a week after.  Oh man, I better get some shopping done.  Hubby and I went on cruise for the first time (won’t be the last) to Alaska for a belated 20th anniversary and it was amazing.  My son has turned 21 and my daughter is a NCAA Division II athlete with Newman University.  

Cristi and Husband in Alaska
Cristi's son celebrates 21st birthday
Cristi's daughter - champion bowler

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