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Our Salesman’s Top 5 Acumatica CRM Features

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Oct 24

Michael Collier

Do you ever feel like existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions are outdated, overpriced and difficult to use? That’s where Acumatica comes in. Acumatica is a cloud-based ERP software company focused on providing modern CRM services with the latest technology. In this blog post, we will delve into some of the top features that make Acumatica an exceptional tool for business owners, CFOs, sales managers and accountants alike – enabling them to better manage customer relationships and grow their companies. From automating mundane tasks to offering an intuitive navigation system designed for ease of use, let's take a look at the five robust features that make this cloud-based software so powerful.

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Number 5 – General Tab

This gives me the primary contact quickly with the ability to change without leaving this tab. Phone, email, address at your fingertips.

The General Tab, in Acumatica, allows for customizable fields and provides instant access to important contact data. Its convenience ensures that this data can be quickly edited if any changes occur, so users can always be confident in accessing up-to-date contacts. Overall, the General Tab provides a useful and efficient way to manage contact information.

Number 4 – Attributes

After finding the contact from the general tab, I come here to give me an idea who they are. Employee count, industry, revenue, and what products they currently have.

When prospecting for new customers or partners, it's vital to have information that can give you insights into who they are and the services they provide. Using these ‍customizable fields allows us to quickly draw up a profile of a prospect by retrieving valuable data including employee count, industry, revenue and any specified products. In this way we can more accurately gauge whether this prospect is likely to be a good match for our business. These pieces of prospect data act as helpful guideposts during initial prospecting stages and help make this process much more efficient.

Number 3 – Activities

This screen lets me see what interactions others within my company have had with the customer without having to ask around the office. I can see emails, calls, and such that have happened over the life of the account.

Activity tracking is an incredibly valuable tool for gaining a better understanding of interactions between our company and the customer. All interactions are visualized in an easy-to-use interface, allowing us to quickly gain insight into the past interactions that have taken place. Moreover, this provides immense utility in streamlining the sales process by bringing all relevant data about a customer in one place where we can easily view past interactions without having to ask around the office.

Number 2 – Contacts

In Contacts I am able, as well as the rest of my team, to quickly retire a contact if I find out they are no longer there and add their replacement. This way we don’t waste marketing efforts on someone that’s not there.

Contact management is essential for successful sales communications. This system ensures that any replacement personnel are added rapidly; this allows us to strategically evolve our approach. Contact management is an invaluable part of our job, and the user-friendly design of this module certainly makes the task easier.

Number 1 – Opportunities

Giving me that ability to see all projects presented to the client of the lifetime of the account. Sometimes customers ask for the same thing repeatedly without pulling the trigger. This gives you the data to say, “I can see we have kicked the tires on this 3 times before, are we truly ready to use my team's time?”

Sales management can be a tricky juggling act, with customers often asking for the same deployments or services without committing to them. Tracking opportunities can give sales and operations valuable insight, enabling them to spot recurring requests before dedicating resources to their resolution. Knowing which projects have previously been presented to customers during the account's lifetime gives decision makers the data they need to make the most of their time and make informed decisions about how best to allocate resources. 

To sum up, Acumatica CRM allows for an easy transition into customer relationship management and a way to efficiently track all details of customers. With easily accessible information, we are given a full view of each customer and are able to save time when interacting with them since all information is organized and transparent in one program. With Acumatica CRM you have the ability to access a customer’s contact details quickly, understand who they are and their company size information on one page, check activities they have had within your company at a glance, replace contacts if any changes occur without strain or effort, and keep a record of opportunities presented to each customer over the life of the account. If you have any questions about this incredibly helpful system that can make life much easier for your team's efforts in customer interactions don't hesitate to call us. We are more than happy to assist!

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