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The Best ERP and Accounting Software Should Do This

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Dec 10

Sheri Blaho

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The employees at CS3 are always engaged in knowledge transfer. This month we are kicking off a new series "CS3 Top 5". Each month an employee will share their Top 5 features of a CS3 product. Then, we will get to hear what is new with the employee as well. Thanks to Sheri for kicking off this series!

I work Acumatica CRM every day in my role of VP of Sales and Marketing. Using a CRM that is fully integrated into the ERP solutions saves so much double entry and tracking down information.

My Top 5 Favorite Features of Acumatica:

  1. A single Point of Truth - one Customer Master. Everyone inside our firm refers to each client with one name, one abbreviation, one account code. All information for clients is quickly found and easily retrievable.
  2. No Data Left Behind - I love the ability to add user-defied fields. These fields are called Attributes in Acumatica. Each field can be defined as "required" and even have validation from a drop-down list. There is no custom programming for these fields as you encounter the need. You can attach as many Attributes as you want to customers, vendors, sales orders, invoices, contracts....anywhere. At CS3 we added a bunch for leads, opportunities and prospects to store all the unique information we gather during the sales process.
  3. Acumatica Dashboards Rock. I am a visual person. I have dashboards for all the Sales KPI's: Pipeline, Forecasts, Total Sales, Meetings Conducted, Leads Added, Opportunities Added. I open my dashboard daily, looks for "red" indicators and to work to turn them green.
  4. Acumatica Integration with Outlook is so simple. In sales, capturing communications is critical. Acumatica has a cool Add-in on my Outlook menu that allows me to send any email to the Business Account, Contact or Opportunity. Our consulting team also leverages this feature for service tickets (known as Cases in Acumatica).
  5. Opportunity management is streamlined with Acumatica's Inquiry Tools. I have several predefined inquiries that let me manage the opportunity based on where the prospect is within the sales cycle. I work my "hot opps" first, then my longer lead-time opps, then my stalled opps. These same inquiries allow the rest of the CS3 team

What's new at work:

We just hired a new salesman for our team, Michael Collier. I am busy training him on both Acumatica ERP and Scissortail HCM. I'm also planning on attending both the Arkansas (September 29th - October 1st) and Fort Worth (October 10-13) SHRM Annual conventions.

What's new outside of work:

I'm still enjoying my ability to home office at our lake house. I had my granddaughter (and the rest of the family) here for the holiday weekend. Lillian loved her yellow duck time in the water.

Lillian with her dad.
Which bird is real?

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