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Ease the Pain of Expense Report Processing with Let Scissortail by UKG, formerly Kronos

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Dec 7

Dana Zodrow

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One of the most difficult parts of payroll processing is reimbursing employees both accurately and quickly. Payroll processing usually consists of a process involving the employee submitting an expense report and documentation to a manager. The manager then approves/codes expenses and submits them to payroll for entry. (I will not even bring up the last-minute submissions, questions, etc., as that would create a whole new topic!) The payroll department  then verifies and balances the reports before loading them into the payroll/accounting software, where they then re-verify that everything was entered into the correct payroll and that everything processes correctly.

If all employees wait until the deadline to turn in these items (I’m sure that never happens at your workplace), payroll staff is rushed, mistakes are made. Scissortail HCM by UKG, formerly Kronos addresses this issue seamlessly making it possible for employees to upload expense reports and receipts to their timesheet so that managers can approve both at the same time.

In a nutshell, there is an “extra pay” tab on the employee’s timesheet. They enter the amount they are expecting for reimbursement and upload the required documentation. Once the timesheet is submitted to the manager for approval, managers can approve both at the same time. If for some reason, the timesheet is approved before the reimbursement is attached or included, the manager can still submit documentation to the payroll department for processing. It’s THAT easy!

Prior to employment with CS3 Technology, I kept a folder with receipts, emails, and other documentation of expenditures for payroll processing entry. There were countless times receipts were “lost in the mail”, unreadable, etc. Once reimbursements were processed for payroll, documentation had to be copied and filed in numerous locations. Scissortail HCM by UKG, formerly Kronos alleviates over half of this process since all of the documentation is saved with the employee’s timesheet. Receipts/reports can also be downloaded and saved at any time if needed.

Processing reimbursements is no longer painful or time consuming. Because the process is so much smoother, there is even extra time to verify accuracy. Just one of the reasons why I love Scissortail!

Footnote: Scissortail HCM by UKG, formerly Kronos is CS3 Technology’s identical product of Workforce Ready by UKG, formerly Kronos.

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