Alina Johnston

Office Manager

At CS3 Technology since
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Where do you Office: Tulsa, OK


Best food ever invented:

I love cheese in all formats- hard cheese, soft cheese, queso, cheesecake. Everything is better with a healthy serving of cheese.


What was your weirdest job?:

I had a seasonal job in my early 20’s at a large retailer. On my first day, I was given a 5 inch binder of policies, left alone in a small room, and told to read it from cover to cover. Then, my sales floor training consisted of a young associate showing me all the ways to make it look like I was working without actually doing any work. As hard as I tried, I could not get anyone to show me how to truly do my job. I was left fumbling for ways to assist the customers and trying to figure things out. As crazy as this job was, it sparked a passion for customer service that I still carry with me today.


Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall?:

Fall is the best season by far. You get relief from the heat, the trees change, and pumpkin pie is on the menu. The best part for me is dressing in layers and bringing the boots out of the closet for a few months.

Alina Johnston

is no longer an employee at CS3 Technology


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