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Sage 100 Sneak Preview Demo

June 27, 2014


"Welcome to our Sage 100 sneak preview demo. I’m Sheri Blaho this mini demo will provide the overall look and feel of the software while highlighting several key features. So let’s get going. Getting the right data into an accounting system easily is expected out of all software systems in this mature marketplace. What really distinguishes one ERP from another is howto get data out, and sage 100 excels in dash boarding business intelligence and reporting. So we will begin our sneak preview demo with the data access features of Sage 100. Then we’ll take a quick peek at the user experience in the daily activities by looking at the order entry process.

So let’s begin with the business insights dashboard. It provides a graphical, high-level data, giving you an up to the minute pulse on your business. Cash is king. Absolutely, so quick views of cash flow predictions, cash expectations, and cash requirements are readily available.ABC company can clearly see and plan for this June 15 cash crunch. A more detailed view of payables and receivables—including key stats like rolling average, average days, and average invoice balance are right here at your fingertips.

For the purchasing agent, quick views of purchases, payments,and discounts taken and lost, along with  top vendors, with year to date activity, gives that quick peek at your most valued vendors. Of course, you can quickly launch the most important reports directly from this dashboard view, such as this purchase analysis report.

And for sales reps and sales managers, top customer listings and drill-down reporting is also a quick way. Staying on top of profit margins by product line is critical. The manager can quickly see right here; there’s great opportunities to grow sales of data communications and printer supplies.

For the financial management leadership staff, balance sheet information, budget, and income statement summaries are also included. Being able to make timely course adjustments to the business requires this kind of relevant information. To see details about this operational expense overrun, the manager just clicks, and again we’ll get that detail report so that the analysis can begin. Crucial C level information is also available with appropriate security.Leverage ratios, operational efficiency ratios, profitability, and solvency ratios are all just standard out of the box functionality.

As I mentioned earlier, Sage 100 has many ways to access data. So let’s take a quick peek at reporting. With each major module, there is a reports folder in here you’ll find the pre-designed Crystal Reports because these reports are designed with crystal. You may modify the report or copy and paste it under another report name with your specific modifications. These customized reports are then available as many selections to you and your team as appropriate. Look at the breadth of reports, underneath accounts receivable new alone. Each can be sent to a multitude of print destinations, including all the Microsoft tools, PDFs, local printers, and even comma delimited files.

Each module also allows you to easily access and interrogate detailed data. So let’s take a peek at the Explorer view here in accounts receivable. From here I’m going to select the customer view. This customer view, allows me to quickly see all the pertinent information related to an account. As a sales rep or an AR Collection Manager, having access to their whole account information over multiple years is very valuable. Here I can see that ‘American Business’ has been doing business for us for quite a while, but only over three periods, with a total of 28 invoices. When I go to ‘Shepherd Motorworks,’ I can see that they’ve done a lot of business with us—a half-million dollars. But that is only comprised of two invoices just done recently. So let’s go back to ‘American Business.’

I can quickly see their full information just by changing my preview. Right now, I’m seeing sales history by period. I click here; now I can see their contacts, all of my customer memos—including my collection notes, historical invoices, and, of course, open sales orders. From this data-centric view, I can continue to interrogate the data. I can add columns, remove columns, filter,add totals—designing views the way that I want to see it. Additionally, I can very quickly export my data to all other Microsoft tools as well as some other options. Or I can take action by launching to a task with the selected record. From‘American Business’ I can select tasks. Having been selected, I can go to any of these functional areas. I’m going to go to the customer maintenance screen.And then you’ll see at this point. The record is in front of me, and I can make any kind of adjustments to this master record that’s appropriate.

I’ve shown you three ways to access data: dashboard, the traditional reports, and the business intelligence explorer. So let’s get a view about the day to day activity using the sales order entry screen. There are several options for navigation. I can move to the Explore light menu—selecting sales orders. ‘Main’ where all my daily transactions occur and pick sales order entry. If this is a function that I use routinely, I can drop it onto my favorites bar, like I’ve done up here with these three options, and initiating the task is as simple as clicking sales order entry, and my processing is ready to begin.

From this screen, I can add a new order, or I can modify an existing one. This Spyglass is common throughout the entire ERP product. This is our lookup feature, so I could pick one of these orders that I’ve already initiated to modify or change. Or I can click the ‘Next’ button, and the next order enter number becomes available. Had various types of orders that I can include. I’m going to do a standard one. And then I pick the customer I want to work with. Let’s try ABF again.

You can see the screen populates with default values for me,representing the standard way that we do business with ABF, and what their preferences are. I can modify most all of these, but for time sake, let’s just accept and move on to adding items for ABF orders. Before I enter an item, I can get a quick view of their previous purchases by clicking on the binoculars.From here, I can sort by the last day that they ordered something, the types of items they’ve ordered, or the quantity—showing those items with their largest purchase. From here, I can quickly make a suggestive sale. So, I see you bought some  8972s, how did those work out for you? Would you like some more of those today? If they say yes, then I can come in here and put them in that they’ve asked for five units. The next time, when they request, is a 1001 HON LK model.

When I bring it in, I can see immediately that we’ve got a problem because I have zero in this warehouse. They tell me they would like 10.After selecting 10, it does confirm, in fact, that I don’t have any available—at least not locally. So let’s see what alternate items, they might consider. After some discussion with the client, they really tell me that they’d like that standard model—that they’ve been very happy with it. So I’ll see if I can find them in a different warehouse. Fortunately, they’re out at the central warehouse, I can get them shipped quickly, and the customer is completely happy.

From this screen, I’ll gather freight fees using the Sage shipping tools, get confirmation, confirm payment method, and taxes. If a credit cards in use, I can also get that information from here.

Finally, I’m going to print the order, and from here, I can have this sent in an email, getting the customer’s electronic approval. Sage 100 gives a great experience for your customer by allowing your staff to quickly see their background and promotion, help find the correct product, and immediately deliver the order confirmation. All the optional modules in Sage 100 provide this same easy navigation—data-rich experience for your staff, your customers,and your vendors.

Thanks for joining my sneak preview demo. For an in-depth custom demo that addresses your specific needs, just give us a call, and a sales rep will get you going today."

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