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Resolving the Sage 100 AP 'Has Already Been Paid' Error Message

April 25, 2018

Did you get the error message “AP Invoice has already been paid”? It is simple to solve.

The problem will be evident because the Customer Master Screen will show that a balance is due. But when you go to the cash payment screen it will not appear.

Just go to your invoice list and pull it in for payment anyway. Yes, you can force it through!

Recommendation: Have confidence and just force it in……this will work! Promise!


"Hello, this is Michelle Taylor! The knowledge tip from CS3 today is processing payments when the invoice already paid prompt is received,or when the invoice reflects an incorrect balance.

So let's go to accounts payable—manual check entry. We're going to select to process a new check, and we're going to enter the amount of the check that we're going to the paying and our vendor number. On the line stab, we're going to select from our open invoice list, and we notice that our invoice is missing from our list. So we can select from the lookup all of our invoices, and we're going to choose the invoice that we really want to pay. We see here that this invoice actually has balanced, which is the expected balance. And we receive a prompt that 'the invoice is already paid, do we want to continue' so let's go over to the vendor record.

Vendor maintenance or inquiry, we're going to review on the invoices tab for our invoice to ensure that this invoice does, in fact, have a balance of the amount of our payment. So, we want to return to our prompt, and we're going to say yes, that we want to continue. All right, this invoice happens to be a discount—discountable invoice. So I'm not going to accept the discount, we're past the discount date. We have the invoice amount; this the amount of the payment that we're processing. They're going to accept our entry.We're going to go ahead and post, we're going to print our check. Confirm that it printed properly, and it wants the okay that it did print as we expected.Okay, after it printed, let's go ahead and post. And we're going to preview our entry review on the screen. Okay, here we have the invoice that we're paying,invoice amount, and our payment amount. Go ahead and update our entry. After we see how it's going to post to the general ledger, and then we're going to return to our vendor inquiry screen.

We're going to toggle back and forth to refresh our vendor record. And let's review that invoice. And we see here that we do, in fact,have our payment as expected, that has accurately processed, and we will now reflect the expected invoice balance of zero.

So quick and easy when you receive the invoice paid prompt,you just want to go review your vendor record and ensure that your invoice truly has not been paid. Be sure to give us a quick like and hit the subscribe button for more tips like this."

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