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Adding a Purchase Order Receipt to AP Bills in Acumatica

October 18, 2017

This function will make the process of paying bills simple especially in a batch process.

Within a typical process, the purchasing group has issued a purchase order to the vendor, the vendor ships the products, the receiving department receives the merchandise and issues a goods receipt. Several days later, the accounts payable department receives an invoice from the vendor.

To pay this invoice, from the Main Menu choose
Finance → Accounts Payable

In the Navigation Pane
Work Area → Enter → Click Bills and Adjustments

The Main Working area populates of which the accounts payable personnel will enter a new bill
Note: Most often, the “Type” field will auto-populate with the “Bill” type. In the event it does not, click the drop-down arrow and choose “Bill”

Acumatica denotes required fields with a red asterisk. So, ensure all required fields are populated. If not, an error message will prompt upon attempting to save or release the AP Bill

In the Vendor field, either (1) begin typing the vendor name or (2) use the lookup icon to find the appropriate vendor

Enter the date as shown on the vendor invoice

Vendor Ref:
Enter the vendor reference number, which is most often the vendor invoice number.

A description is not required; however, if a description is on the purchase order, it will auto-populate the field.

Document Details:

  • On the ribbon of the Document Details tab → Click "ADD PO RECEIPT"
  • This opens the Add PO Receipt dialog box. For this vendor, the dialog box shows the list of released purchase receipts with unbilled lines.
  • Note: Several purchase receipts can be added to a bill. Ensure the vendor invoice lines matches all purchase order receipt lines before releasing the AP Bill.
  • Select the applicable purchase receipt in the table and click Add and Close. This feature copies the lines of the purchase receipt into the AP bill.
  • Validate the (1) Quantity (2) Unit cost (3) Ext Cost and (4) Balance against the vendor invoice.


  • The bill is created with the Balance status.
  • There may be a slight difference between the accrued cost and the actual cost in the bill. You can configure the processing of purchase price variances, if needed.
  • Ensure the bill is Balanced and Release the bill.

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