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Business Software: What is the new Normal

May 18, 2019

During this SmartTalks user group meeting our team will be discussing the changing landscape in business automation systems.  In the past each business made huge investments in hardware, software, training and continual maintenance of their systems.  Come find out what the new normal can be like.

  • Review the Total Cost of Ownership with legacy systems
  • What is the cloud and why do I care?
  • How has software development changed by moving to the cloud?
  • What do I not know about investing in systems through the subscription model?

Business software has moved from luxury to necessity.

Today’s businesses are using these technology tools to not only run their business but to stay competitive in a market of companies doing everything they can to be more efficient.

And as many of our clients tell us, the software market has changed.  It has evolved from the first mainframe-based accounting systems to yesterday’s server based systems and now today’s cloud based systems.  Each one of these systems have different components and the related cost structures are also different.

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