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What things keep you busy outside of work, that makes you better at work?
Cycling. When I was a kid in rural Arkansas my bicycle was an adventure. I couldn’t drive at the time and it was the way I could see new things that I normally only saw from the back seat of a car. When I was in college my car was so bad that my bicycle was more reliable to get me to class and work. Now my time on the bike is when I think the clearest, push myself, and support my love of food!

Best food ever invented: Ramen.

What makes an idea great?
Impact (preferably positive). I believe that a lot of people have great ideas that stay on paper because they haven’t been shared or found valuable yet. Seeing an idea have an effect is what makes it great.

Best fad ever?
Food Trucks. The rise in popularity has brought new cuisines to people and a new economy for those passionate about cooking. I am huge fan of great food and food trucks often have dedication to a cuisine you can’t easily find in a restaurant. Some local faves: Lone Wolf, Mr. Nice Guys, and The Wurst.

Plane, train or automobile?
Automobile. Some of my favorite memories with my wife, family, and friends are on car rides. Great conversation, the feeling of exploration, and the goal of arriving somewhere.
$1000 and ten minutes to spend…..what will it be? Put me near a bike shop. New bike, full kit, 2 water bottles, and I would like to buy more time for a long ride.

Juston Michealson

is no longer an employee at CS3 Technology


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