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Juston Michealson, April 2019 Service Pillar Award Recipient

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Feb 3

Gary Crouch

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CS3 Technology employee of the month award


Always be conservative in your estimates and promises, then deliver more than what is expected.


Administrative tasks are essential to the success of every project. This includes documenting project details accurately and on a timely basis.


Conduct every action and communication with absolute professionalism. Bring a sense of calmness and assurance during  times of stress for your client. Continuously work on improving your skills and knowledge. Maintain an impeccable character.

I think we can all agree that he has “Over Delivered” this year.  Take your choice, Juston has mastered all three of these Pillars.

Juston has come into full bloom over the past months in his role of ERP business development.  In addition to a new baby, new home,and relocating to a different state he has exceeded his year-to-date sales quota. He has added three Acumatica Sales resulting in two net new clients since January.   He has also driven sales in our Advisors division with two CFO Access packages.

Equally important he has met all his deadlines for content submissions and worked to build strong network relationships within MGMA and IMA.  His role as interviewer in the critical April SmartTalks with President Gary Crouch, resulted in a video that will be of value to each client and prospect and is now slated for special distribution. 

Thank you, Juston, for being our “Star” for the month of April!


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