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CS3 Celebrates 25 Years in Business

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Dec 10

Sheri Blaho

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They say time flies when you’re having fun. Well, from our perspective, time also flies when you’re happily serving the needs of clients by providing smart technology solutions that help them do business more effectively. And here at CS3 Technology, we’re proud to say we’ve been doing that for 25 years—and we’re seeing a bright future ahead of us for serving businesses like yours.

When CS3 Technology launched in 1996, we were inspired to meet a simple, yet crucial need—one that our founder and CEO Gary Crouch experienced himself as a tax preparer and accountant for other small businesses like his own.

“I was pretty involved in finding better technology for my business,” he says. “And I saw how it could benefit my customers as well. I began actively helping customers who had tech needs, and I knew other CPAs who were leaning in the same direction. So, we came together to offer accounting and tech consulting for our customers.”

With the approach of the year 2000 and concerns for tech solutions increasing, our team made a quick shift to adapt to the needs of their clients.

“If you need technology solutions for your business, you probably don’t need small bookkeeping services,” says Crouch. “With Y2K coming on, we got so busy consulting for larger customers that we sold the bookkeeping side. We took the opportunity to specialize in business technology and moved forward with it. 

That adaptability has continued to be a cornerstone to the way CS3 approaches our work, and it fits well with our commitment to delivering value, one of our 18 pillars of service to ensure your business tech needs are met in ways that build your success. 

“Everything in tech changes,” says Crouch. “The only constant is change, especially in the tech world. We continue to look ahead, to see what is going to be new and different, not just with tech but with how everything operates.”

There’s one thing will never change, however, and that is the quality of service our clients receive from our team, because superior customer support, authenticity, and over-delivering are essential to our mission. 

“There are times you have to go the extra mile,” explains Gary Crouch. “Too many consultants don’t try to tailor their offerings to fit the customer’s unique needs and processes. Way too many don’t listen, don’t understand what customer is trying to accomplish. They come in and do what they’ve always done.

“Our team is different. We’re real partners, which is part of what makes us unique as a company.”

 As we move into the future, CS3 Technology will continue our dedication to finding new and better ways to serve our clients with top-performing tech solutions, tailored support, and integrity that you can rely on. Stay tuned for another 25 years of partnership with our team. We’re excited for what the future will bring for all of us!

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