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Power Features in the Best Payroll and HR Software

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Feb 18

Brandi Clymer

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The employees at CS3 are always engaged in knowledge transfer. This month we are continuing our new series "CS3 Top 5". Each month an employee will share their Top 5 features of a CS3 product. Then, we will get to hear what is new with the employee as well. Read last month’s topic here

Top 5 Favorite in Scissortail   

1.     Using Announcements - I love that we can post notes to our users about upcoming changes or reminders for year end. Keep in mind you can use announcements to post messages to your employees and managers. 

2.     Dashboards - We are rolling out more and more dashboards to make the data we usually look at on reports more visual and easier to understand.

3.     Email from Employee Information - I really enjoy the option to create communication templates and be able to email your employees from inside Scissortail.

4.     Shortcuts - Being able to add in shortcuts to get to my most used items is a big timesaver.

5.     Organization Chart - Scissortail has always shown an Org Chart but a new feature allows you to export a copy of it. If you have employee pictures it looks really nice.

What’s New at Work

We have multiple new client projects going on, along with internal improvement projects. We are in the last quarter of the year, so yearend will be here before you know it. 

What’s New Outside of Work

I am still working from home and going into the office about once a week. Jason and I have been working on our backyard and put in a new patio. That meant a lot of extra projects after that including laying sod. Here is a picture right after the patio was installed with Brynn and Freya. We have not been traveling much but are looking forward to going to Dallas for the OU v. Texas game. 

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