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Acumatica’s Digital Transformation Journey

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February 16, 2023

Michael Collier

We've discussed our Digital Renaissance initiative for the past year or so. Last fall, Acumatica released an article titled: Digital Transformation 101: What It Is and How to Get It Right that ties in nicely with the initiative. Here’s the gist of the article below, but you can read more here.

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Digital transformation is an ongoing journey that requires businesses to gain leadership support, adopt modern technology, and use this technology to improve processes and strategies in order to become connected, agile businesses that can thrive during unexpected crises. To get digital transformation right, organizations must attain leadership and organizational buy-in, choose the right cloud ERP solution and partner, and create strategies that focus on agility and resiliency.

Acumatica is a trustworthy partner that can help businesses of any size and in any industry through the digital transformation journey. Their Customer Bill of Rights ensures that customers' needs are the top priority, and their award-winning cloud ERP software provides a single source of truth, real-time data, seamless integration, and built-in remote access anytime and anywhere. Additionally, their Value Added Resellers (VARs), such as us at CS3, can provide local business expertise and dual layers of support.

To learn more, contact our experts with any questions or to schedule a demonstration.

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