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Digital REnaissance

Watch this short demo for more an INTRODUCTION of acumatica, an overview of its features, and a summary of what it can do for your business.

Leveraging technology is really about transformation

We are all part of the Digital Renaissance

When was the last time you dropped off film off at your local drug store or stood in line at the bank?  How many years has it been since you were tethered to a location with a telephone cord? Maybe never for some? We refer to this as a renaissance, because the transformation will continue. It wasn’t all that long ago the fax machine was the enhancement to U.S. mail.  Early electronic mail systems replaced the inner-office mail runs and Lotus 123 eliminated paper spreadsheets. Now all of these have been eliminated with modern online business suites such as Microsoft 365, Google Suite, and Dropbox.

Expected software Features in ####

“Best of Breed” is Out

Single Database is In

Interfacing various products together to get a full-featured solution is a thing of the past. Older ERP solutions could have dozens of systems and databases that were interfaced. Acumatica was designed natively for the cloud, with an end-to-end solution. You can now have a single user interface for accounting, inventory, shop floor, field service, manufacturing, and sales. Every staff member is connected to a “single point of truth” whether that is inventory balances, client payments or vendor purchase orders.

Easy Data Access

No IT required

Most legacy solutions include a reporting tool called Crystal Reports.  Back in the day, it was really the only option, and it was technically free… it came with the product.  Regardless, it was a non-techie’s nightmare and was only easy if you were an IT guru.  Data access in Acumatica was designed into the platform.  Every inquiry screen (known as Generic Inquiries) is easily modified to include the exact information needed and can be sent to Excel easily.   New Generic Inquires are easy to develop and can be shared with all appropriate staff members.


Built-in, not Bolted-on

Acumatica was designed to be a collaborative tool for all employees to access. Old legacy software offered tools like Alerts and Workflows with 3rd party tools such as KnowledgeSync that required strong IT skills to design notifications and business process flows. Acumatica has embedded collaborative self-service functionality that transforms your workforce wherever they are, into one team, all working together. Each team member receives notifications when work has moved into their responsibility. No more Post-It notes or follow-up emails. Tasks that are not attended to timely will be sent automatic reminders until they are resolved.

You asked for a better ERP solution, and we listened.  Acumatica ERP is the premier offering for new clients as well as the logical transformation for existing clients currently using older, outdated legacy products.

Transform your ERP Systems

Compared to your old legacy solutions, there are so many outstanding features that Scissortail HCM includes to transform your workday from reactive to proactive.


Via Texts, Alerts, Notifications - Keep the Team informed

Automated Workflows

Ensure Critical Steps are Never Skipped

Paperless Systems

Truly End-to-end Paperless SYSTEMS


Single Database Enabling Realtime Data and Access

Data Visualization

Dashboards, Analytics, and KPIs

Employee Empowerment

Acumatica is designed for every employee to store and share all information by offering unlimited users.

Ready for your Transformation?

Change is hard.  But when it’s time, it’s time.  The following recommendations will give you a clear path to move from your old, antiquated legacy software to the best cloud based solution, Acumatica ERP:

  • Limit investments in your legacy software or any needed 3rd party add-ons. Depending on the size of your initial purchase, you will want to set a cap on the amount of any future investment in this legacy product.  Certainly, anything that is a 5-figure investment is a red flag to look at other ERP alternatives.
  • No additional investments in hardware needed.  If the time is rolling around for a new server, it may be wiser to move to a cloud solution instead.
  • Budget for replacement within 3 years – or sooner.  Educate your leadership team.  Share a clear understanding of the return on investment gained from embracing digital technologies.
  • Initiate an Acumatica Evaluation