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CS3 Technology Offers 3 Easy Ways to Answer Your Software Questions

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Feb 18

Linda Hollingsworth

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As clients complete their implementation of  any software system, their first question is always, “Who do I call when I need help?” Like other software companies, Sage and Acumatica have a Customer Support phone line, website, and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) knowledge base available through your browser. However, going to an online knowledgebase can be lonely and impersonal and using a big corporation’s call center for support can be time-consuming and frustrating. So what options do you, as a customer, have for efficient and effective problem resolution? How do you get answers to the questions that pertain to your unique needs?

CS3 Technology offers three (3) important ways to get answers to your questions about supported products. Each of these support tools are staffed and/or developed by experienced CS3 Consultants that know the product, best practices when using it, and most importantly, how it is being used in your unique client environment. The starting point for support is with the CS3 Client Service Center.

  1. CS3 SERV Support – The CS3 Support Team is here to help resolve your production issues or answer your system questions. You can interact with our Support Team by submitting an online support request (, by emailing, or by calling 877-496-1600. Once connected to a Support Consultant, online sessions can be established when more than just a dialogue is needed. We also provide a secured way to send files, if needed, through a secured FTP site.
  2. CS3 SmartTalks Virtual User Group Meeting – Every month CS3 chooses a topic for this online meeting that highlights important industry, software or workflow trends and best practices. Our Consultants provide key insights sharing slides and screen images that touch on challenges and opportunities that clients just like you may be experiencing. Join this 1-hour session from the comfort of your workplace over your lunch hour (12:00 noon Central Time) on the 3rd Thursday of each month. It’s that easy!
  3. CS3 Videos, Blogs and Whitepapers - Client support has changed significantly in today’s browser-based world. Customers expect to have answers at their fingertips, night or day, and are comfortable with using a query tool to research on their own. CS3 Technology heard the call and for years has been building a vast knowledge base of blogs, whitepapers, and short videos that rates at top of search engine statistics for number of hits by users. Watch a video about “How to Hang a Crystal Report inside of HRMS”: Read a whitepaper about “11 Reasons: Moving from Sage Abra Suite to Sage HRMS”; or review a short blog on “What is the Best HR and Payroll Software?”.

Quality support is at your fingertips with CS3 Technology, no matter the reason, method of communication, or time of day. Let us help you today with your software questions using any of these three methods.

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