Hanging Crystal Reports Inside Sage HRMS

April 28, 2014

This tip is going to review how to attach crystal reports into Sage HRMS for all modules except for payroll. We’ll cover payroll in a separate video. To attach the crystal reports into Sage HRMS, we will need to go find where the data folder is. Sometimes, you’ll have a shortcut on your desktop or you’ll have a drive letter. Once you’re in the data folder, you’ll see there’s a “Custom Reports” folder, and underneath that will be the different modules.

Today, we are going to work on the HR modules, and you can see that there are some crystal reports that already come provided with the system. We’re going to attach a couple of these reports inside Sage HRMS.

Our first step is to get everyone out of Sage HRMS. Once everyone is out, go under “System” to find “Customize Menu” and there we can pick our product (HR) and activity (Report). We are going to “Add” a new group here and call it “Crystal Reports” under “Report Group” and also the “Status Bar Message.”

Once we have the group added, double click it and “Add” to select from the drop-down menu for the report you are looking for. You can see that it is the same list that you have in windows explorer. You can add in a couple of reports and drag them to change them into the order you want. Once you have all the reports you want, click “OK” and the system will tell you that it needs to do a rebuild system file. Say “yes” here so that the next time you log in you will be able to see your new crystal reports.

Now that the rebuild system files is complete, log back in and go into “Reports.” You will see the new “Crystal Reports” group under “Employees.” Once you click on “Crystal Reports” you will see the reports you added. If you don’t see the group or the reports for any users, you may need to go adjust your security groups.

That’s it! It’s just that easy, enjoy!

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