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Inventory Kitting in Sage 100 ERP

June 1, 2015


"A "Kit" Sage 100 allows you to group individual items or skews into a kit. Kitting provides many benefits, such as to your purchase orders, less stocked items, lower carrying cost, reduce space, repair kits, and critical parts availability. In today's example, we will look at individual items that comprise an executive desk. The sample company supplies both ready to use office furniture and replacement parts. The sum of the replacement parts results in a fully functioning piece of office furniture known as the kit.

The first step is to create the kit or the parent item. This is done under "Inventory Management,” "Main,” "Item Maintenance."The part we're looking at today is D1400. When this item was created, the product type was selected as kit, as opposed to finished good or raw material. After the parent or kit was created, and all the component parts were added as raw materials, the kit configuration was created. Let's look at that!  

Again, under inventory management, kits—let's go into sales kit maintenance, and we're going to look at that same item for the executive desk, item number D1400. You can see all the items that were entered that comprise this kit. We have the D1000 LHDS, the left-hand drawer—the right-hand drawer. And here you can see that this desk requires to lock sets. All the components it takes for an executive desk.

These items are simply added by bringing up the item list, picking the component, and giving the appropriate quantity. Once the kit is established, it can be immediately used in sales order entry. Let's pop over there.

I've created order number 182, and I'm going to select that kit number D1400 for executive desk. Now it comes up and tells me that I have none in stock, but that's okay because I have sufficient components. So I'm going to just tell it to go ahead and bring it in from the component list. I'm going to ship two of these. And as soon as I press return. You can see it brings in all the appropriate components, and the correct quantities in order to make those two desks. So let's print the pick ticket for the warehouse,right here. I'm going to have to bring this pick ticket up to the screen for us. Again, you can see it gives instructions for to executive desks and all the components that it takes to fulfill the shipment. Sage 100 makes it really easy."

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