Imagine - Every Sales Order resulted with a customer that is clearly delighted

July 31, 2019

Have you ever had one of those days when your top customer was unhappy.  Not because you didn’t care, but because somewhere along the line a process broke down.  It is further compounded by the fact that they are a part of your 80/20 rule.

I know it’s frustrating… when all you and want is a delighted customer

Now, let’s consider those things that you know would delight your customer as opposed to making them unhappy…  Things like…

  • Being easy to do business with
  • Orders right the first time and every time
  • Shipments on time all the time
  • Shipments that have a packing list that matches PO

Sounds simple enough, but how do YOU make this occur.  First…

  • You have to truly understand your customer needs, so you KNOW how to set up your processes
  • Then define and document your processes
  • Next, educate your team on the processes
  • And finally, you are ready to put your vetted processes in place

This video walks you through how to use Sales Order module to quickly determine the status of a pending order. How to add a new order and remember to included suggestive up-saling and finally how to quickly find an open invoice and answer questions about pending payment issues.

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