Acumatica Security Overview

May 3, 2017

Assign security so the person logging in to Acumatica can be restricted by menu options, module access, and data available.


"In the system, we can assign security so that whoever logs in, can be restricted based upon what menu options they see; which menu groups they see; which modules they can get into; which functional areas they can get into as far as getting into different feature sets. We can control on a screen,which controls they can modify or not modify, and we can even control is based upon data. So that a salesperson can see their customers, and the sales orders for their customers, and a sales history for their customers; But they can't see that same information for another salesperson customers. Do the same thing if you have multiple warehouses. We can restrict people to warehouses, we can restrict people to branches, we can restrict people to GL accounts, we have lots of ability to kind of control who can see what income who can do what within the system."

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