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What things keep you busy outside of work that makes you better at work?
Scouting. Working with young men, teaching leadership and organizational skills helped reinforce lesson I have learned in my professional career. It is surprisingly easy to get a scout to focus on preparing an activity plan including, equipment list, safety measures, route discovery, and backup requirements when he is about to step off the edge of a 100 foot cliff.

What makes an idea great?
Passion. Passion provides the fuel to bring ideas to fruition. Without passion, an idea often becomes only a suggestion.

What is the scariest thing you have ever done?
Standing by helpless while my beautiful wife delivered our newborn son who was experiencing fetal distress.

You are a die-hard fan of...
All things golf. I like to watch professional golf on TV. I like playing with my buddies in our weekly game at my home course. I love playing resort golf when on the road and often take my clubs with me when I will be away from home for more than a few days. I typically help organize 3 to 4 golf outings in conjunction with tradeshows and conferences hosting 16 to 30 players at a time. I mean where else can you get 4 hours of unrestricted time with someone in a relaxed environment, away from work, computers, and telephone distractions?

Mountains or Beach?
It's all about the beach baby! Give me a vacation with sand between my toes, an umbrella in my drink, and water lapping at my feet. Life is good!

Books or Movies?
Books. Movies are fun to watch and can deliver fantastical effects. However, a book develops much richer characters and leaves it up to you to envision details based upon your own experiences. Books are way better.

Top of my Bucket List...
I am working my way through the Golf Digest list of the 100 top public courses in the United States of America.

My mother always made me eat...
Fried Green Tomatos, Stuffed Bell Peppers, and Calves Liver with Onions. Thank God it wasn't all at the same time. Ubber Gross!

Shawn Slavin

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