Acumatica ERP Product Overview

October 11, 2019

I am Sheri Blaho, CS3’s Acumatica Product Evangelist.  We have a demo that was developed by the Acumatica team that we want to share with you.    


You will notice during the demo, that this is running from a web browser and there is absolutely nothing to install on your local device.    What does that mean?  It means that if you have a web browser on your device, you can run Acumatica.   You can use Windows, Macintosh, Lennox, you name it, and we can run on it.


Another great option with Acumatica, is not only do we make it available 100 percent cloud based where we run the software for you in our data center.  You can also take this exact same software and host it in your private cloud.  Or the third option some of our customer select to do is host it locally on their own servers.  


Now let’s join Jessica Gadbois as she shows us more about the product.


Thank you for joining us today for this high level overview of Acumatica Financial Management.  You will also find many more videos of Acumatica on the CS3 YouTube Channel

Please contact CS3 for a personalized demo and pricing.   Feel free to call 918-496-1600 or email .

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