Cash Management

Acumatica Cash Management with Dashboard Controls

May 14, 2018

Modern accounting systems like Acumatica allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of your cash resources from anywhere and at any time. You need easy access as to how much cash you have to work with and the composition of your resources be it cash in the bank, in money markets in CS’s or other investments. This can be accomplished with an effective dashboards with quick drill downs. They should include:

Cash on Hand:

  • Drill down to each cash account
  • Cash Position

Cash Due:

  • Cash Expected Next 30 Days
  • AR Aging

Upcoming Cash Requirements:

  • Cash Requirements Next 30 Days
  • Cash Requirements Next 60 Days
  • AP Aging
  • Open PO’s


  1. Top Overdue Accounts
  2. Credit Hold Customers

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