Success Story

MTM Recognition

MTM Recognition gives CS3 and Sage the Award for Customer Service

“CS3 cares about all our business processes, not just the software. That changed my life. CS3 has been dependable. I know if I get into any kind of mess they can and will throw me a lifeline. As for Sage, they’re compliance masters. With CS3 Technology and Sage, MTM Recognition has saved time and money and keeps their peace of mind about legal compliance.”‍

Sandy Harris HR Manager

MTM Recognition is an international recognition solutions company who helps their clients recognize achievements from large corporate performance awards to college bowl trophies and online engagement platforms. They run a highly-customized service, as every client has diverse needs, awards, and engagement strategies.

Founded in Oklahoma City in 1971, MTM Recognition has grown to become the most comprehensive recognition solutions provider in the nation. They have received the Oklahoma Quality Award for Excellence, Lincoln Foundation for Performance Excellence, and the OKC BIZ: Best Promotional Product Company Finalist awards.

Clients choose MTM Recognition in part because artists are on staff to design the physical awards, which can range from traditional trophies to an award that was shaped like a train. Their list of customers includes the NCAA, although their awards span anniversaries, retirement, and corporate awards, in addition to sports.

For over 20 years MTM Recognition has used Sage HR products, beginning with Abra Suite. “That 20-year history has been good,” says Sandy Harris, HR Manager. “Our history with CS3 has been good as well. Brandi Clymer and Shawn Slavin installed our first program in person. During that implementation, I looked over Shawn’s shoulder while he was using Excel and learned how to get a subtotal. CS3 cares about all our business processes, not just the software. That changed my life.”

MTM made the move from Sage Abra Suite to Sage HRMS because of the FoxPro database retirement. “There was no specific problem with the software on our end, but we wanted to make sure we stayed up to date, and continue getting correct government reports from Sage. Our programmers aren’t legal specialists, and with the Affordable Care Act regulations change all the time.” Sandy Harris says the dependable updates from Sage give her peace of mind, and can always count on Sage to be ready for their first payroll in the new year.

During the implementation, Harris admits to feeling panicky at times. It’s difficult to see the end result when mired down in the implementation details. However, the CS3 implementation team promised they wouldn’t finish until MTM had everything they needed. The guidance and assistance of CS3’s project manager was reassuring, even on the rough days.

Now, MTM Recognition is enjoying their Sage HRMS system. “My favorite thing about it is that it’s fast. The report writing and printing is much faster than the old system,” Sandy says. They save hours of time as well as printing paper, and no longer need to file reports manually.

Harris says that their Time and Attendance system, purchased on the recommendation of CS3, is already saving them more time and money. “We like it - it has taken a lot of the burden out of our office. Before, supervisors had to call the HR department to ask questions, but now they can see the information they need and fix it themselves,” she says.

The implementation has been received well internally within MTM Recognition. The system is user-friendly enough for employees to pick it up quickly. An HR department’s reputation is often on the line with purchases of this size, and everyone has been able to see the value. Managers and their employees have more control and access to necessary information, and the HR department is free to concentrate on less repetitive tasks overall.

Client Information

MTM Recognition

3201 SE 29th St.

Oklahoma City, OK 73115

Impact of Relationship with CS3 Technology:

  • Took time upfront to understand business processes
  • Well-defined project plan
  • Relationship with consultants leads to peace of mind
  • Focus on education

Business Issues that led the need for a new system:

  • Lack of Employee Self Service
  • Labor intensive communication
  • Manual filing and duplicate entry required
  • FoxPro database obsolete
  • Affordable Care Act reporting required
  • Reporting cumbersome

Results of Implementing Sage HRMS:

  • Managers have access to staff information
  • Streamlined and improved processes
  • No longer operating on FoxPro database results in more secure system
  • Sage provides accurate legal information for ACA reporting
  • Reduced time for repetitive tasks
  • Reporting quicker and easier
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