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Scissortail HCM Streamlines Payroll Processes for L S Industries

“Now we have a payroll system we’re thrilled with.”

Joanna Sawyer, Controller, L S Industries

L S Industries is a family-owned business that specializes in designing and manufacturing superior metal cleaning equipment, products, and cleaning services for manufacturers. For over 40 years, L S Industries has been a leader in the surface preparation market, developing reliable automated cleaning processes that streamline manufacturing operations for a variety of industries—including aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, pipe and tubing, metal fabrication, and others.  

With a small family team and streamlined operations, L S Industries needs a payroll system that saves time and makes it easy to access data across their entire staff. Their team began looking for a new payroll system when their old payroll software was retired. 

They desired a solution that would ease their burden, save time, and improve communications around payroll for everyone on their team. They also wanted a system that would sync well with existing manual systems, while also offering flexibility for increased automation and other services in the future.

“Our prior software, Abra, was so unforgiving. But with Scissortail, when there’s a mistake in payroll processing, we can easily fix it,” says Debra Sparks, who handles the company’s payroll.

With the implementation of Scissortail HCM, CS3 Technology has been able to provide L S Industries with payroll software that provides convenient automations for managing a small but complex workforce. It has integrated smoothly with their existing systems, making it easy for their two-person accounting team to tackle payroll needs quickly and efficiently.

“We rolled out our new payroll program during the holiday season and end-of-year planning, which of course created a time crunch. Yet even with so much going on, CS3’s implementation made everything go well. Now we have a system we’re thrilled with,” says Joanna Sawyer, who serves as Controller for the company.

Joanna and Debra also knew the company would benefit from having easy access to cloud-based payroll information such as W2s and time trackers on mobile phones, as their staff is in the field serving customers daily. Scissortail’s adaptability has made that process easy for employees, reducing the burden on managers as well.

“We’ve enjoyed working with everyone there and appreciate the quick responses we get to our questions,” says Joanna.

With Scissortail HCM, the L S Industries team is working smarter, not harder—so they can effectively serve the needs of employees as they continue to provide top-notch service to clients.

Client Information

L S Industries

710 East 17th Street

Wichita, KS 67214-1312

(800) 835-0218

(316) 265-7997


  • Previous payroll solution was retired
  • Time-consuming weekly payroll processing
  • Inefficient communications with employees, managers and payroll administrators
  • Cumbersome time tracking methods
  • Lack of ability for employees to access their W2s and other payroll information


  • Smooth migration of data to new system
  • Time saved on weekly processing tasks
  • Faster, more effective, automated communication with staff
  • Streamlined system for time tracking, approval and management
  • Simple, appealing employee self-service system


  • Faster, easier payroll processing
  • Greater access to technical support whenever it’s needed
  • Smooth, streamlined rollouts of software upgrades
  • More knowledge of tech solutions that will continue to make payroll easier as the company grows
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