Success Story

Cal Farley

Cal Farley streamlines HR, Time Collection and Payroll with Sage HRMS

“The same people who do your conversion will be the same people you call to talk to later on. That’s what sold me. I talk to Jim, who is very helpful and very good with problems”

Sally Anglin, Payroll

“It is a really big deal to be in the middle of payroll and be able to call someone you’re on a first name basis with for help. It’s a big benefit to have a middle man for Sage. And CS3 will really help”

Velena Sims, Benefits Admin and Employee Relations Director

Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch is one of the largest privately-funded child service providers in America. At no cost to the families, they provide residential and community-based services to children. They have community resources in both Texas and Oklahoma, with residential services based out of Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch in Texas. They do some life-changing work for many young people and families.

The previous VP of HR at Cal Farley began looking for a new system due to the cost of their outsourced ADP system, as well as the difficulties in handling the data. They were dealing with too many lost data connections to be able to pull information for both client and donor systems.

“ADP reports were challenging, and we could never completely pull information without help or intervention,” said Velena Sims with Cal Farley. “I like that with Sage HRMS I can now run things in the office myself without calling a third party for help every time.”

Sally Anglin agreed. “I didn’t like all of the discs for data storage. It was time consuming looking for the correct one, then loading it, and struggling to pull past data. Then when you did call in for help, you had to re-educate customer service every time.”

The HR team was also struggling with the functionality of their recruiting system, and didn’t have an integrated system for tracking and alerting credentialing. There were several large disconnects that still made the outsourced system time consuming and cumbersome to deal with.

The Cal Farley team has gone through several adjustments. A few team members were skeptical about the process, since this was their second system conversion in the span of four years. While conversions are not easy by any means, CS3’s methodologies helped create a process that was timely and helpful.

Two of CS3’s consultants, Mary Anne Giezentanner and Cathey Pangborn, were attentive and helpful during the entire process. Brandi Clymer, HR Consulting Manager with CS3, gave personalized attention during the conversion and fixed several problems that had lingered in Cal Farley’s systems for years without much notice.

One of the things HR leadership recognized was the fact that ADP is meant to be an outsourced system. “They do the work and you don’t have access, which also caused problems. Sage is meant to be a user system where the employees are trained and able to go in and work in the back end. Separating those two in everyone’s minds was a process, but now we are users and administrators with a larger ability to fix things.”

They now use KnowledgeSync in HRMS to track certifications. The notifications on expiring credentials are going straight to employees. CS3 Consultant Darrell Scott assisted Cal Farley’s IT department in setting it up. The value is noticeable to the team. While they haven’t fully utilized its capabilities yet, the employees receiving notifications are certainly helped.

CyberRecruiter allows Cal Farley to adjust their website with more functionality control and has a better application than their previous recruiting system. “We couldn’t run any reports from ADP recruiting while we can now. Hiring people from Cyber into Sage works really well,” said Anglin.

Sally and Velena both saw the value in CS3’s support contract, the SERV Plan. “It is a really big deal to be in the middle of payroll and be able to call someone you’re on a first name basis with for help. It’s a big benefit to have a middle man for Sage. And CS3 will really help,” said Sims.

“It was nice to get personal training from Brandi and be able to call her for help,” said Anglin. Currently she is speaking with Jim Scheithauer the most, “who is very helpful and very good with problems.” The team see CS3 as a great support system with a dedicated team of people who are also known to be helpful. If they don’t know an answer, they know where to find it.

With Sage and CS3 Technology, Cal Farley is now more self-sufficient with improved functionality in their HRMS system, confident in their data, and supported by CS3’s team of consultants.

Client Information

Cal Farley's Family Resource Center

1900 Northwest Expy

Oklahoma City, OK 73118

(405) 608-0757

Impact of Relationship with CS3 Technology

  • Interested in building a relationship
  • Took time up front to understand business processes
  • Tailored implementation approach with personal help
  • Heavy focus on education
  • Well defined, timely project plan with milestones

Business Issues that Led to Need for New System

  • Costly outsourced system
  • Poor customer service with ADP
  • Data difficult to retrieve
  • Extensive paper forms
  • Tools were not integrated or did not work
  • Reporting was cumbersome

Results of Implementing Sage Abra HRMS

  • Payroll completed without third party help
  • Reports are produced quickly and easily
  • Better control over functionality with CyberRecruiter
  • Significant monetary savings
  • Confident in data
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