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Advanced Ecology Positions Firm for Efficiency and Growth

Acumatica ERP Cloud moves Advanced Ecology to the next level

“With CS3, we never felt abandoned. They were there every step of the way. We started with zero knowledge about ERP systems and how they worked. The CS3 Consultants were patient and explained everything as we went along. They helped to keep things moving when we got stuck and were always there to answer questions – even the midnight questions!”

Jennie Alvis, Controller

Advanced Ecology is a multi-dimensional family of six (6) companies with background, expertise, and dedication in helping landowners set priorities and reach goals for their real estate and natural resources assets.  Partnered with them are MSUSA, Bird Forestry, TerraNative, TerraStone Land Company, and Silva-Tech/South, Ltd.  Together this family of companies provides professional expertise, science-based knowledge combined with genuine customer concern for all types of land management and environmental projects.

The company was founded as a foresty management company in 1979 by Mike and Donna Bird. It has grown and expanded over the years to meet the recognized needs of all types of landowner’s goals including personal enjoyment, recreation, natural resources management, timber investment, or legacy goals.  

Advanced Ecology is the recipient of the highest award possible for any service-based company - an extensive list of long-time satisfied customers who continue to entrust the care of their real estate and natural resource assets to their team of professionals.

Faced with the challenge of integrating financial and project information across many companies, Advanced Ecology recently implemented the Acumatica ERP system.  “We were looking for something that would allow us to consolidate our financial statements as well as manage projects in the same software,” says Jennie Alvis, Controller.  “With so many disparate companies, we were doing many things manually and wasting a lot of time. The ability to accommodate inter-branch transactions became a must.  Acumatica allows us to record transactions across multiple companies quickly and easily.  One journal entry handles it all!”

Advanced Ecology also needed a solution that was browser-based so that all employees in multiple locations could have ready access to the system.  Acumatica provides a powerful set of integrated tools and functionality that allows the team to review, collaborate and communicate as never before.  “We love the way information flows.  No longer am I asked for multiple reports every day,” says Alvis.  “Most are able to go into the system and answer their own questions with either dashboards or pre-written reports.”

Acumatica is known for its ability to be configured to accommodate varied client needs.  “As you would expect, it was a lot of work, but we can’t imagine trying this on our own,” Alvis adds.  “There are so many different ways you can implement Acumatica to work for you.  Our CS3 consultants took the time to understand our complex business structure.  They would have the best solutions developed before we started that next configuration step.”

Months after implementation, Alvis sites the biggest improvement as the team’s ability to access information in a manner and format that best suits each individual.  “Everything is at their fingertips, no matter where they are,” says Alvis.  “With the use of Dashboards, each Principal, Manager or Project Manager can have their questions answered with a click of the button.”

In addition, the ability to schedule tasks in Acumatica helps the team to become more efficient and effective in their work.  “Our calendars are always full of different things that we have to do at different times of the month.  We are able to set up these tasks in Acumatica to trigger activity right when it needs to happen,” she reflects.

What words best summarize the Advanced Ecology experience with Acumatica? Flexibility and Power.  “Our ability to track information about a project helps ensure our ability to meet our clients needs and therefore deliver on our promise of improved ecological health for the properties entrusted to our care.”

Client Information

Advanced Ecology

2557 State Highway 7 East

Center, Texas  75935


  • Need for modern system to provide complete viewof all businesses for strategic advantage.
  • Understanding of and visibility into projectcosts.
  • Retirement of old Accounting and Billing systems.


  • Integrated project accounting system.
  • Streamlined processes and improved tracking ofwork-related tasks.
  • Individual dashboards that report needed information at a glance.
  • Ease of use and ability to drill down into financial or project details.


  • Experience to assist with finding the right product configuration.
  • Taking time to understand the business needs.
  • Support and direction to keep the project moving.
  • Supportive throughout design, implementation,training and testing.
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