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Top Five Benefits of the Digital Revolution

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February 3, 2023

Gary Crouch

First, the digital revolution has allowed us to have access to vast amounts of information and data, which has enabled us to make more informed decisions and stay up to date with the latest news and trends. Secondly, it has enabled us to communicate more quickly and easily with other people, whether they are nearby or across the world. Thirdly, it has allowed us to automate certain processes that would have taken much more time and effort to complete manually. Fourthly, it has provided us with the means to store vast amounts of data and information, as well as access to various cloud computing services, which can be used for a range of purposes. Finally, it has allowed us to take advantage of new technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, which can be used to improve and optimize various aspects of our lives.

The Digital Revolution is the change from traditional methods of doing things to using digital technology. The top five benefits of this revolution are:

  1. Increased efficiency
  2. Improved communication
  3. access to information
  4. Increased productivity
  5. Cost savings

Suggested Articles

  1. The digital revolution has given the business world new tools which allow us to not only accelerate the business process, but to create whole new service lines. The cloud especially has allowed small and medium business to serve whole markets which were previously unreachable.
  2. Cyber security has become a very treacherous aspect of business. Regardless of the size of business, threats are a daily concern. Products in the cloud, such as Acumatica and Scissortail, have the advantage of scale. The security of a local company cannot compare to the safety allowed by a pooling of resources allowed by the subscription of services.
  3. Connectivity through APIs provides business the ability to harvest data which was previously locked away from the executive’s view. By sharing information between systems such as time collection, payroll and project accounting, data is available to make relevant decisions which previously could only be analyzed after the fact.
  4. Reporting tools such as Data Self and Velixo provide industry standard tools to be used to dig deep into the available data. As front ends to Power BI, Excel, and APPT many less technical users may find the valuable data they need to do what-if scenarios on many fronts.
  5. End User access to systems is expanding rapidly. Allowing employees access to systems functionality such as self-help HR systems, expense reporting, project accounting or pick and pack places the exact knowledge required in the hands of those who need it most. This sharing of knowledge not only reduces errors, but also limits the number of total personnel required to process many functions.

Whats new at work?  

We have built a well-rounded team of experts in every area of our business of the last year.  We have added Alina Johnston as our Accounting Manager internally who is bringing many new efficiencies to the office.  The Sales team with Ira Apt and Michael Collier have now been on board for over a year and are well versed in their abilities to assist our clients and prospects.  In the consulting groups, Bonnie Molina has filled a new position as front line for our support services for both ERP and the HCM business.  In addition, we have added additional resources with Daniel Rhodes in the ERP group and Robin Hollis with HCM expertise.

What’s new at home?  

OK, kind of a mixed bag of business and personal.  We had a wonderful holiday season this year.  A great opportunity to rest and relax.  However, the highlight had to be the gift I received from a special friend and employee.

Sheri Blaho is looking to fully retire in the first half of this year after 17 years.  Having owned her own business before merging with CS3, Sheri has always been supportive.  Encouraging at the right times and understanding of the tough decisions which sometimes have to be made.  To my surprise, Sheri gave me a quilt which she made.  She was very thoughtful in picking out themes which she knew would be special to me, rural outdoor themes, and my penchant for classic vehicles.  The effort was considerable, and it is just one more reason to thank Sheri for her long and loyal friendship to me and to CS3.

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