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Shawn Slavin Makes a Turn in Career Path

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Feb 3

Gary Crouch

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For over 22 years Shawn and I have worked with hundreds of customers, improving their systems and processes.  Early in our partnership we determined we wanted to be an organization which promoted best practices, both in our own business and in the organizations with which we worked.  That journey began with the Sage Leadership Academy where we learned how to build an organization.  Up to that point, we had simply created jobs for ourselves and a handful of employees.

During our involvement in the one-year Sage Leadership Academy program we were introduced to many business owners on the same path we were on.  The sharing of our struggles, ideas,and solutions with our peers was the most valuable aspect of the group.  When the program was completed, we hated to lose the perspective of those with whom we had shared our growth.  About then, we were introduced to a larger group of value-added resellers, the IT Alliance or ITA.  This is a group of over 200 of the best resellers, CPA practices and IT CIOs all exploring better ways to apply technology to their customer’s organizations.

The ITA’s motto is “Knowledge Increases in Value When Shared.”  Believing this motto is a valuable mission, Shawn and I have belonged to the ITA for over 15 years.  This last fall, the President of the ITA announced his retirement.  I am very proud to announce the ITA Board has selected Shawn as their new President.  Shawn will have the responsibility for leading the ITA into an exciting future as technology continues to change our world.  As I have often said, Shawn is the best business process and transactional data professional in Oklahoma and much of the Southwest.  The ITA evidently believes this as well, only on a much wider stage.

As the representative of all members of the ITA, Shawn must divest himself of any conflicting ownership in a member organization.  Thus, I will be purchasing Shawn’s interest in CS3 Technology.  Fortunately for us and our clients, Shawn will be able to continue working with us on a contract basis.  Shawn believes this will keep him connected to the very activities which he will lead the ITA membership in, as they develop evolving best practices.  At the same time, I believe our customers will have available the most valuable resources vetted by our peers in the industry. We plan on the ownership changes to take place July 1 of this year.  Shawn takes over as President on September 1.

I hope you reach out to Shawn and congratulate him on this great accomplishment.  If you have any questions about this announcement, please reach out to either one of us.  We appreciate your business and will continue to provide the best possible service for your technology needs.

Gary Crouch

President, CS3

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