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Scissortail HCM Open Enrollment Update: Enhanced Experience with Interface

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Feb 18

Brandi Clymer

I don't know if you have heard, but if you use Benefit Enrollments in Scissortail HCM (powered by UKG), the new release coming out on August 2, 2023 has a redesign of the employee experience. It is super exciting. CS3 and a few clients participated in doing an early test on it and we are all loving it. The setup and configuration process did not change. The employee will have more graphics and improvements to the visuals as they move through the enrollment. The goal was to make it easier for employees to make their decisions during enrollment. Below are some screenshots to show you the open enrollment process for an employee.

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Here on their dashboard employees will see the Open Enrollment (or Life Events) options when they become available for enrollment.

Here is one of the new visuals, a benefits shopping cart. This makes the enrollment process feel like an online shopping site, so it will feel familiar to users.

Here is a Medical election page. The employee can decline/waive coverage, review the plans, look at the plan details, compare the coverage between the options, and then make their choices. Having all the details available for the employee to see will allow them to make informed decisions about their benefit choices.

When they click to compare benefits they can see a side by side comparison of the plans and switch coverage levels and compare the plans.

There is a new view to see their family members that they might cover under insurance. The widget look is continued here for the dependents. This makes a seamless look throughout open enrollment.

All along the way they could see their cart on the side and go back to any of the areas they wanted to revisit. The plans they select are shown in widgets on the screen for easy viewing and a consistent look.  If you miss a benefit it will alert you on this page and the employee can print a PDF of their elections. 

We participated in a test run of this new look for the last few months. A few clients have tried it out for their open enrollment and love the improvements.

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