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Scissortail HCM lets employees run what-if calculation on their paychecks

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Dec 10

Sheri Blaho

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Scissortail HCM's last release of the year, brings several "Hot" Features and Community-driven Ideas. In order to continue providing organizations with the tools needed to build financial wellness among their people, an intuitive paycheck calculator will now be available directly within Scissortail. Employees will be able to calculate their take-home pay based on different “what-if” scenarios, allowing them to plan their personal finances ahead of payday.

In addition, to help reduce manual processes for payroll staff and ensure a seamless flow of information between time and pay functions, historical timesheet corrections and retro pay will now be available in the time pep process. Managers who need to adjust closed timesheets will be able to make necessary adjustments that will automatically change in the payroll process.

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